Convention Time

Step Right Up - The Greatest Show On Earth is about to begin!

Every two years, the factions of the Republican party get to have a little fun.

Don’t get me wrong, the democrats run the fun/ridiculous machine overtime.  No matter what anyone tells you, those who hook their wagons to the Socialist lite democrat banner are already exhibiting what should be in the APA DSM manuals.  The GOP has a few critical cases, but generally the differences are in the way we want to approach the argument.

However, there are still too many people who think that a life of crime a life of service ..  a political paycheck is the way to go.  Perhaps the prestige of those ‘power’ positions, and maybe even the real reward of patronage while in and out of office can make such aspirations appealing.

It may seem that the time spent and asses people have to kiss to grab that golden ring would be far better spent with family, doing vacations, building a business, etc.  I have run a couple of primary challenge campaigns to incumbents, but have no desire to be seated long term.  Some folks do it to effect REAL reformative change however.

I suspect most politicians actually feel that they have a ‘mission’ as well when starting on such an adventure, but also having won a campaign against an incumbent in a primary, I have also experienced the pressure of acceptance.  To the novice of political office, it is exceptionally easy to be sucked into the ‘best intentions’ paradigm.

The ‘exceptional’ conservatism of Brian Calley was a great example of principles lost for all the right reasons.

Principled lower tax, less government, protect life, less regulation,  ..EXCEPT for that time when it is a familiar calamity such as autism, or some other trouble that afflicts families.  At that point all manner of justification settles into the mindset of the ‘champion,’ and all deference to the core principles of conservatism vanish.

In my own case, I regret at least one specific vote as a county commissioner.  It was to allow the local hospital system to use the credit rating of the county in order to advantage it in it’s financing.  It cost the county nothing, had only an infinitesimal risk, but they had never let us down before.  We had to help out our local health ‘partner,’ right?

It certainly would have passed without my yea vote, but looking back, I carry some guilt.  The system used the advantage of that financing to acquire all the other hospital services locally and through several counties.  Having no competition is bad for the consumer in most industry and enterprise, and in the sick bed business it is particularly awful.

And given the certificate of need rule in Michigan, there is no way at this time that competition can begin anew here.

Such a little thing, and for all of the right reasons it was approved.  And for all of the correct reasons, it should have been laughed off the agenda.

I can learn from this mistake, and hope I never get sucked into the justification process as a board member or elected official again.  This is why I will challenge certain efforts made under the guise of community welfare, but hold little personal animus for those who repeatedly don’t get it.

Yeah there are people who deserve to be scorned perpetually, and I have no shortage of vitamin scorn. But truth be told, most folks on our side of the fence (yes even them RINOs) really think they have the magic balance of empathy, conservatism, and constitutional wisdom.

So 140 paragraphs later, here is the point.

Convention at the end of this week. Here are some things to remember.

There will be no floor fight for LT Guv.  Bill Schuette has made his pick he will either win or lose along side that choice.  We will come together and clap politely and then go out and try to secure the GOP slate for Michigan.  I have said my piece already, and need not add any more here.

There will likely be a smooth choice for Mary Treder Lang.  All indicators suggest she will be our nominee, and frankly we could do far worse.  The Dems are tossing up the rerun of Jocelyn Benson, hoping that this season it becomes a hit.  The desparate shape the Michigan Dems are in might pose a problem, but if we don’t get too hung up on the top of the ticket and Republicans GOTV, Mary can carry this out just fine.

The big battle on the floor

The AG nominee will probably be Tom Leonard.  There will be a lot of activity on the floor, and the whip will be intense both ways.  Tonya has shown that she is willing to go dirty, as seen by the 7 yard dump worth of her election attack trash each delegate has had to dispose of.

She unfortunately does not understand that she has turned off quite a few folks with that nonsense, and apparently has shown thin skin when her own strange behavior in the State Senate has been called out.  Leonard has quietly taken her contextually deficient attacks and has offered his personal cell number to those delegates with questions.

I won’t kid anyone.  I prefer Tom by a longshot.  He has been far better leader than the previous variety IMO.  He is also a great money raiser, and has a warchest ready to take out whatever pussy hat wearing freak that the Dems will advance. Tonya has debt; probably incurred through the excessively heavy use of our postal service

Tom is agreeable to both the establishment, AND the grassroots insurgency as well.  You simply cannot have a better start to the general than this combination.  I suspect this will be a good energizer to Republican efforts in the general.

As for the Supreme Court?

If there is a way to toss Clement we should do so.  If you don’t know why, you are not paying attention. While we might be thinking about a replacement for this liberal justice, we should also consider finding one for Viviano next time as well.   The nature of the changes that the gerrymandering bill brings to our constitution is far too great to appear in one initiative.

These justices failed Michigan.  Imagine every congressional district in the state spidered up from SE Michigan, just to be fair.  Just put your hand up and look at the wonderful map of the 14 Democrat majority districts that are possible, with ZERO commonality between one end and the other of each district .

As for the other choices?  Maybe this year the MiGOP will produce some winners.  If not consider this post again.  Please.

Below is a candidate list and contact info for convention courtesy of the MiGOP

Secretary of State  Joseph Guzman (Bio)
Secretary of State Mary Treder Lang (Bio)
Attorney General Tom Leonard (Bio)
Attorney General Tonya Schuitmaker (Bio)
Supreme Court Elizabeth Clement (Bio)
Supreme Court Kurtis Wilder (Bio)
MSU Board of Trustees Dave Dutch (Bio)
MSU Board of Trustees Mike Miller (Bio)
UM Board of Regents Andrea Fischer Newman (Bio) Facebook Page
UM Board of Regents Andrew Richner (Bio)
WSU Board of Governors Diane Dunaskiss (Bio) Facebook Page
WSU Board of Governors David Nicholson (Bio) Facebook Page
State Board of Education Ida Byrd-Hill (Bio)
State Board of Education Tami Carlone (Bio)
State Board of Education Richard Zeile (Bio) Facebook Page


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  4 comments for “Convention Time

  1. KG One
    August 20, 2018 at 3:32 pm

    I was bummed this weekend when I heard that Stanley Grot withdrew from the race. I don't really have anything against Ms. Lang, I just happened know Mr. Grot a little bit more.

    I DO see the republican kakistocracy trying to pull some tricks out of their anal databases to put on a united happy front for the media and salvage the campaigns of one Sen. Schuitmaker, keep Justice Clement from being tarred and feathered by the base (ditto for Viviano if he shows up) and make Clerk Lyons sound like the greatest thing next to sliced bread in front of a very large Pro-Trump crowd.

    Good luck with that last one.

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    August 21, 2018 at 10:29 am

    If y’all nominate 👆🏻‘ol crazy eyes, a Snyder appointee, y’all may as well consider the SoS lost.

    Joe Guzman, is the true Trump choice.

    It’s time for the MIGOP to give a Hispanic male a chance.

    Three white vaginas in a row is more than enough.

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    • Jason
      August 21, 2018 at 3:08 pm

      I really didn't have a horse in this race. But I will likely vote Guzman now if only for the outright stupidity of the 1st CD chair.

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      • Corinthian Scales
        August 22, 2018 at 9:09 am

        Dr. Guzman, is the obvious intelligent choice for SoS, however, haven’t recalled hearing the Party interlopers ever being accused of being intelligent.

        FFS, the man worked in the Pentagon, and received civilian awards from the DoD for his performance!

        But no, let the MIGOP foist another vagina out there on the voters because Terri Lynn Land was so *special*.

        Good luck with that....

        You Betcha! (6)Nuh Uh.(0)

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