Common Core and the Trucker Wiser Flip-Flop Connection

Like a bad horror movie called a Nightmare on Christmas Eve this script features questionable characters. Starring in this production is Ebenwiser Scrooge a man with millions of unscrupulous ways to buy political seats. Common Core Wiser Vote No

Co-Starring is the clumsy overweight not too bright fella “Bad Santa.” This con-man known as “Bad Santa” looks like he’s been hanging out at a Fat Fellas BBQ convention.

As the movie unfolds it turns out this real “Bad Santa” is a radio show co-host on the poorly rated, small market and very undesirable RINO Supporters Broadcasting Network (RSBN).

Bad SantaLater it is revealed that both, the Wiser of the two and “Bad Santa” are caught in a tangled web of “deception” involving sub-prime mortgages, real-estate development and construction. Then the movie takes a corrupt twist into the political arena.

These two con-men decide together they can pull the wool of deception over the eyes of the low information voters.  With their con-man abilities, and the Wiser of the two’s money, they scheme to buy a political seat.

The problem with their little scam is those low information voters find out they both have “flip-flopped” on a political issue they despise.

The Wiser of the two uses his massive wealth to purchase a respected high level conservative from Washington DC.

Ebenwiser fly’s Ted into the Motor City for an invite only event in an attempt to align himself with this respected conservative and con his invitees.

The Wiser of the two soon finds out that there’s a shortage of  “wool” to pull over the eyes of the would be state delegates to the upcoming convention. He then resorts to sending out a mass email claiming “False Attacks” in a devious attempt to court the sympathy vote.

The “buffoon” known as “Bad Santa” gets his 30 pieces of silver from the Wiser of the two, then travels around the state peddling his “Faux” conservative propaganda to whoever will buy it.

This all to “serve” his master the Wiser of the two, so the master can obtain the political seat he covets so desperately.  Common Core Children

I’m not going to give away the rest of this tantalizing B-Movie’s script, I’ll just  leave it to your imagination. Bah! Humbug!

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