Citizens Threaten To Recall Rep. Kurt Heise

Kurt Heise Will Pay For Breaking Campaign Promise

Republican activists threaten a recall of Rep. Heise if he votes to double gasoline taxes.

Republican activists threaten a recall of Rep. Heise if he votes to double gasoline taxes.

Rhetoric has been getting heated recently as the Michigan House of Representatives prepares to vote on a bill which would raise gasoline taxes by $1 billion annually.The focus of much of that heated rhetoric is Kurt Heise, the Republican representing Canton, Plymouth, and Northville in the State House.”Some activists are talking about recalling Kurt Heise if he votes to double the gas tax” said Ignacio Marques, a Republican Precinct Delegate in Canton. “Heise already broke his campaign promise to lower taxes when he voted for similar bills hiking gasoline and vehicle registration taxes in the past – we can’t let him get away with it again.”

This would not be the first time citizens attempt to recall a State Representative from the 20th House District. In 2008, State Rep. Marc Corriveau (D-Northville) faced a recall over his vote for higher taxes.

More recently in 2014, recall petitions were filed against several Plymouth Township Board Trustees.

Whether or not recall petitions will be filed against Rep. Heise remains to be seen, however.

“We will only go through with this if he votes for the tax hike,” Marques said. “But we are fully prepared to get the necessary amount of signatures to force a recall election if Heise breaks his campaign promise against higher taxes one more time.”

The bill, which passed the State Senate, will replace the flat gasoline tax of 19 cents per gallon with a higher wholesale tax. Under the new wholesale tax, state gasoline taxes could rise to 41 cents per gallon by 2018.
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  1. Jason
    November 22, 2014 at 9:01 am

    So the district could possibly go Dem after a recall? (just an informational question)

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    • Tim Bos
      November 22, 2014 at 10:14 am

      In answer to your question, Jason- No, it's doubtful that a Democrat would capture that seat for several reasons.

      I live about 20 miles away from the district and will volunteer my time to collect recall petition signatures. However, after the petition language is approved, a challenger must also must be appointed to appear on the ballot as the person to take the seat, which means Conservative grassroots sig gatherers would need an acceptable replacement ready, willing, and able to enter the fray.

      A Conservative Republican replacement candidate would be acceptable enough to garner some Republican signatures, whereas a Democrat candidate would not. And on the other hand, Democrat signatures would be relatively easy to gather because they simply would like to recall any Republican- IMO.

      But, all of this is unlikely because recall petition language can not include issues and votes from a previous legislative term. So while it can be used in discussions with voters during the gathering process, it can't be used on the petitions and petitions can't begin being circulated until 6 months after the new term begins.

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      • Corinthian Scales
        November 23, 2014 at 12:29 pm

        Well, Mr. Bos, then I reckon the next step is to delineate what is a Conservative Republican, and what has all the traits of being just another disgruntled Millennial.

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        • Alex Witoslawski
          November 24, 2014 at 1:42 am

          I'm just reporting.... it's Heise's constituents who want him gone.

          But yes, I'm a digruntled millenial. I'm disgruntled by Big Government RINOs like Heise teaming up with Democrats to destroy economic opportunity for my generation.

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          • Corinthian Scales
            November 24, 2014 at 12:20 pm

            Hello, Mr. Witoslawski, and thank you for your comment in response. Believe me when I state that I understand why many Millennials have reason for disdain for their station in life, after all, they are the first generation in America, who are going to be worse off than their parents who enabled decades of cradle-to-grave social policy as well as allowing their government (elected office holders and their appointed bureaucrats) to partner with business. Frankly put, it is just shameful to witness how many in this nation, and in particular for this topic, this state, who have embraced varying degrees of Socialistic wealth redistribution by means of a powerful, increasingly centralized authority in Lansing.

            Was not "Team R" gifted every lever of power in 2010? Yes, Executive (there's the actual problem), both Chambers, AG, SoS, and a rubber-stamp SCOMI majority. Was "Team R" punished for raising the State Income Tax? No, and that's the most regressive tax ever fabricated also gifted to us Michiganians by, George Romney. Was "Team R" punished for raiding pensions by new tiered taxation, which included within their extra ill-gotten booty, their State Income Tax hike? No, however, many Millennials, and an amalgamation of misguided, envious dregs rejoiced within that class warfare tactic deployed by Progressives in both Party's.

            The most contemptible act to date by "Team R"? None other than the implementation of Obamacare A/K/A the Snyder/Calley Medicaid Expansion, which encompasses a taxpayer funded hammock of generational dependency for legal sloth, illegal aliens, and Estate confiscation.

            This is where I shall caution, young Mr. Witoslawski, that it is Mr. Heise, who was in fact opposed to "Big Government RINOs" as you assert, not only once, but twice.

            Which, brings me to this juncture of questioning the merits to "just reporting".

            said Ignacio Marques, a Republican Precinct Delegate in Canton. “Heise already broke his campaign promise to lower taxes when he voted for similar bills hiking gasoline and vehicle registration taxes in the past

            Well, where was your fellow young Libertarian, Ignacio Marques with recalls when vote occurred on May 8, 2014? As can be observed here, nothing but crickets chirping - by many as long as it has an "R" after its last name. Furthermore, if one reviews the August 5, 2014 primary ballot, I do not see any Conservatives who challenged Mr. Heise, do you? Why is that?

            So, where is it that one comes to the conclusion that after this particular well-funded Wayne County horse who left long ago with this barn door closing attempt now is anything approaching success for what? I do state this when that district is not anything to be considered a bastion of Conservatism nor, Conservative values.

            Besides, observing your Tweet above, would you Libertarians not also lose an approving Ghey "marriage" ally?

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      • Alex Witoslawski
        November 24, 2014 at 1:48 am

        The district is a solid Republican district. If Heise votes to double gas taxes then he WILL be recalled and he WILL be replaced with a more fiscally conservative Republican.

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      • Mark
        November 24, 2014 at 6:07 am

        I lived in Plymouth Township for 19 years, leaving in 2010 at the time of the ascension of Mr. Heise to his current office. I can't speak specifically to the Northvilles and Canton portions of the district as I only have knowledge of those areas based upon what I read in the paper. I do know from experience that the democrat party has worked hard and had some success in infiltrating the P.T. portion of the district over the last two decades and presumably they have done the same in the other parts of the district.

        The democrats have a strong influence exercised by their chapters of the MEA in the school districts. The MEA cells have considerable sway among the "happy idiots" as they mockingly refer to the parents that they sway. The Plymouth Canton School Districts attracts home buyers with school aged children because the district is seen as a good district, and home values are usually high due to that perception. People are not inclined to bite the hand that feeds them and do heed the word of the MEA cells at election time.

        The democrats have had some notable success in electing democrats in spite of the alleged "conservatism" of the district. In the 90s, they helped Social Democrat Lynn (down the) Rivers to several terms in the US Congress. They elected the undocumented pro abort democrat in disguise, John Stewart, to the State House 20th district for several terms in the 90s and early 2000 as a republican. They elected Dian Slavens, tax em if you got em, to the state house for the full three terms in the 2000s. Thankfully, the "Gadsen" Patrick Colbeck held off her bid for his seat in the senate. They voted for Clueless Jenny both times in the Northvilles, Plymouths, and Canton.

        At least the Plymouths portion and I'd bet the Northvilles portions of the district have considerable numbers of residents who see themselves as progressive in their thinking when it comes to things like funding public education, paying more taxes for this that and the other thing, special rights for homosexuals. They also see themselves as fair and may not be inclined to throw someone out that wants a tax to fix roads to make their property values go higher.

        I know this is in part anecdotal, but the democrat party is working hard to influence people in the district to their twisted way of thinking. Their MEA cells are some of the nastiest ba$tards on the face of the planet. I would not bet that the MIaGOP, if faced with the aftermath of a recall, could necessarily hold the district. I'm not shilling for Heise either. I've seen his record and recall should not be taken off the table for him or any other lying republican liar. I'm just not sure that the MIaGOP in an aftermath to recall can necessarily hold the district. Hopefully someone with some ability is waiting in the wings to step up immediately. Heise may very well have the support in some way of the undocumented democrat Snyder to hold his seat as well.

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  2. Max
    February 17, 2016 at 5:53 pm

    So, I've been publicly asking to support Kurt Heise for Plymouth Township Supervisor. I enjoy my Township and its low taxes, But this clown has had a history of raising taxes. In fact... he was so bold as to go Flashpoint and promote Prop 1 that I worked hard to defeat

    But, this is only the tip of the iceberg with this guy! He never mentions that he was a Bob Ficano (D) appointee and Chief Deputy to Ruth Canfield (D) in Dearborn Heights, where he bailed on the citizens after leveing them with a $600,00 financial deficit
    These facts, coupled with his democrat sytled high tax voting record is not welcome in Plymouth Township!!!

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