Chinese Broadcast Service News in Michigan

You want to see how the CON job really works in Michigan? Watch.

Want to see this COVID nonsense go away fast? Like with everything else government does, stop subsidizing it. But, don’t take my word for that, listen to a Cherry Health employee insider.

Testing, testing, testing, failed. Bigly. So today we see Big Gretch and the Democrats are running with we now need a vaccine to open the state back to normal. It all is a sick joke.

Law enforcement in this state should hang their heads in shame for continuing to follow this governor’s lie and harassing citizens with unconstitutional misdemeanor charges and fines. Matter of fact, can personally share there is a Sheriff on record as stating his department is not arresting, which is good but, will turn report over to the health department that will do the dirty prosecutorial deeds. No way for one to see that Sheriff as honorable- ever again.

*hint, it is not Montcalm County.

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