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GOP-buttonsBusy day tomorrow.

Your local Republican party call to convention Thursday, August 14, 2014 at 7 pm local time for the following purposes: (contact your local party for location if you are an elected delegate and have not received notification.)

(1) To appoint delegates and alternates on an at-large basis to the Fall 2014 Michigan Republican State Convention to be held in Novi, Michigan on August 23, 2014, said convention to be held for the purposes of (1) nominating a candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Michigan; (2) nominating candidates for certain other state offices (including the Michigan Supreme Court, the State Board of Education, the University of Michigan Board of Regents, the Michigan State University Board of Trustees and the Wayne State University Board of Governors); and (3) such other business as may properly come before the state convention.

(2) The transaction of such business as may properly come before the County Convention.

Only those precinct delegates elected in the August 5, 2014 primary election, and at-large delegates who are current Republican nominees to offices as defined by MCL 168.599(5), will be initially eligible to vote in the County Convention. The County Convention may, at its discretion, choose to fill any precinct delegate vacancies under the authority of MCL 168.624(d), but only after the completion of all other business items. Precinct delegate vacancies shall be filled only in accordance with statute by registered voters from their respective precincts for the remainder of the delegate term. Temporary delegates may not be appointed by the convention.

Delegate registration should begin at 6:30 pm. Arrive early as heavy turnouts are expected.

The convention will be called to order at 7 pm.

H/T Jackson County republican Party

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  2 comments for “Call To Convention

  1. KG One
    August 14, 2014 at 8:48 am

    What's an additional billion or so among friends?

    It's not as if Michigan Taxpayers could spend their own money any better?

    Just something to think about when the subject of the Michigan Supreme Court comes up.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      August 14, 2014 at 1:34 pm

      Actually, what should be thought about is that once again, Schuette is using our tax dollars to selectively posture on a position simply because it's an election year.

      Seriously, what could possibly make Team R look like a bigger bunch of money grubbing whores than having their AG harass SCOMI over the Nerd's Lt. Governerd that co-sponsored the MBT (plus the 22% surcharge) without regard for the Nerd's hero and mentor, RINO Bill's mulitstate tax compact?

      Besides, the Team R dwindling majority already plugged a bulk of that out-of-state corporate hole with this here. Well, hadn't the Nerd increased government spending to $1B per week.

      Frankly, what Team R should be more concerned with is the $10+ billion who already voted with their feet.

      And, as much as I detest Mr. Shields, this is truth:

      “If the governor and the Legislature believe this is not the outcome they want, they can change things through the law,” he said. “This will show the fact we’ve got a nonpartisan court here.”

      Yep. Chief Justice Young should hang his head in shame.

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