Boy, are these people stupid!







Betcha think these comments regarding Michigan Taxpayers was “secretly” overheard coming from the confab between Gov. Snyder, Ex-Speaker Bolder, Ex-Sen. Richardville, Rep. Greimel & Ex-Sen Whitmer last December just before they announced placing Prop 15-1 before Michigan Voters?

Close, but not quite.

{Tantalizing details after the fold}

Nope, these comments about Michigan Taxpayers more likely came from someplace that you’ve heard from before. And in all probability, never thought that you’d hear from anytime in the relatively near future.

Fresh from the shakedown of Michigan Taxpayers, extracting exorbitant “donations” from Southeastern Michigan Charities (with word on the street being that those “donations” have placed a massive strain on their ability to make donations to more worthwhile institutions) and giving a guilt trip to local businesses, one would think that anyone within local government in The “D” would be minding their P’s & Q’s and doing their best to not rock the boat, including drawing undue attention towards themselves after the recent bankruptcy bullet they just dodged not too long ago.

Well, guess what? You thought wrong.

Granted, Graham Beal, Annemarie Ericson and Eugene Gargaro are all patting themselves on the back for their work in bringing, what is essentially snuff porn, on public display with your hard earned tax dollars at the DIA. But unfortunately, noted Republican Ron Weiser saw to it that they no longer are accountable to any layer of government here in Michigan.

This is worse that that (but not by much).

Last Wednesday, Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones and Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey spoke before the Detroit Elected Officials Compensation Commission to, get this; Ask for a pay raise.
No, this isn’t a typo.

The people running a local government that needed to be bailed out by the Michigan Taxpayer, Local Philanthropic Groups along with Local Businesses are actually lamenting that they are overworked and underpaid.



Guess what? They still have a lot of these in Detroit!


Quoted in The Detroit Free Press, Council President Jones said,

“I am going to ask you to seriously look at the pay. My days normally exceed 12 hours. I normally work Saturday and Sunday as well.”

Later in the same article, Detroit City Clerk Winfrey chimed in,

“I am not a member of City Council, yet my salary is paired with theirs. I am severely underpaid.”

For the record, Council President Jones makes $77,000/year and City Clerk Winfrey takes in $73,000/year. Among the other benefits they receive, city issued cars that they can take home with them every night.

I highly doubt that they were unaware of what the job entailed before filing to run for their respective office along with what they’d be taking home if elected.

Council President Jones and City Clerk Winfrey for the most part kept a relatively low profile after the bad PR generated from complaining about being pulled over for speeding on Belle Isle just after the State of Michigan took it over last year and incorporated its maintenance and upkeep within the DNR.


Okay class, you will be pulled over if you drive over this speed?

Okay class, you will be pulled over if you drive over this speed?


And did I mention that Detroit City Retirees took a haircut during the bankruptcy hearings last year?

The one bright note in all of this, a spokesman for Detroit Mayor Duggan stated that he is satisfied with his compensation and will not be addressing the commission.

The Detroit Elected Officials Compensation Commission has meetings scheduled for March 16, 23 and 30 with a final decision to be made on April 20th. If a final decision on this issue is not made, they will not meet again until 2017.

If they do agree to a pay increase, it will be sent to Detroit City Council for approval.

Input from the general public is encouraged at the following e-mail address:

or, at the following:

Detroit Elected Officials Compensation Commission

Meagan Dunn
(313) 354-9195

Paul Novak
(313) 309-1761

Buzz Thomas
313) 506-3115

Joni Thrower
(313) 320-5799

Rhonda Welborn
(248) 433-7239

Denise Williams-Mallett
(313) 622-5141

Rhonda Willis
(313) 682-9355

Stay tuned.

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  4 comments for “Boy, are these people stupid!

  1. Corinthian Scales
    March 9, 2015 at 5:53 am

    Whoa! Just elected officials? Why should not all in Detroit City government receive a pay raise? Why not an across-the-board 90% raise? "Folks, I call that common sense."

    Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder this week publicly defended decisions to keep former Treasurer Andy Dillon on the state payroll months after his resignation and give steep pay raises to treasury investment officials last year.

    The Dillon decision was more of a head scratcher, according to legislative Democratic leaders, who responded via conference call on Wednesday. ... MotorCity Muckracker suggesting that Dillon was on a Caribbean Cruise during his final days as a paid consultant. The treasury said his work had already concluded. ... also noted Clinton's own comments that he hadn't kept a tally on Dillon's hours.

    Chief Investment officer Jon Braeutigam, for instance, got a 90 percent pay raise from $175,000 to $333,000 a year.

    Richard DiBartolomeo -- a former Snyder campaign aide and NERD Fund treasurer [remember the NERD Fund, right?] -- is now one of those investment officials making $180,000 a year [and $140,000 a year here on this guy moved behind Executive privilege, which means secrecy].

    That was just a year ago, how did that independent investigation work out? {crickets chirping}

    Besides, the fish always rots from the head, right? Right?

    Right there ^ is why you're dreaming if you think this "bargain" is going away anytime soon.

    Yep. All payola everywhere all the time if one keeps their ass inline with agendas.

    Here, have a quarter billion, and we'll cover the schools.

    As for the title of this post... yes, Boobus Michiganderus who voted for Snyder and Calley are stupid.

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  2. 10x25mm
    March 10, 2015 at 8:59 am

    It is not just Detroit. Lansing pols are already salivating at the prospect of elucting their skim off of the Proposal 15-1 revenue avalanche:

    It appears that the 20% raise being promoted in Lansing is not playing well with city employees, who are feeling neglected. Of course no one is considering the opinions of Lansing taxpayers.

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