Blowing Us Away

Only SANCTIONED thievery is allowed in Michigan's cronyism environment.

It wasn’t just Granholm.

Rick Snyder got the ball rolling back not too long after Jennifer Granholm was blushing behind a privacy screen on the dating game, but well before she became our state’s executive Monte Hall.

Rick Snyder was the first CEO of the MEDC, and don’t let this fact escape anyone.

The MEDC has given BILLIONS of dollars to ‘winners’ since its inception in the 90s.  Granholm was certainly more embarrassed however, to find out that it was the MEDC under her watch which gave $9 million to a guy running an international corporation out of a trailer in flint. He just got out of prison.

That guy didn’t really have a business, and he went to jail.  He didn’t create the jobs and suffered penalties for fraud.

Of course there were others who abused the system and also paid.

But then there were others who legitimately, and legally stole from us under Rick Snyder’s creation, have not created those jobs, and none are screaming for heads. (free market minute audio here)

Why do you suppose that is the way its done?

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  1. KG One
    March 31, 2018 at 8:14 am

    If people are cheezed off about that, wait until they get a load of the fact that the MEDC not only gave Dan Gilbert a literal blank check to work with Amazon in this latest round of theft, but that they cannot tell Michigan Taxpayers exactly what that was due to a "standard" NDA between the MEDC & Gilbert.

    But don't worry, the MEDC pinky-swears that it will never do that again (that is, until the next crony capitalist comes along with their hand in the public wallet).

    Now you may ask yourself, but wait, why cannot they do this retroactively?

    That would require Dan Gilbert's approval.

    Let the anger at this gross public ineptitude commence...

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