Big Gretch Wants to Talk About “Unhinged Distractions”?

What would qualify as an “unhinged distraction.” Oh, maybe trying to use position of power to cut ahead in line to get your boat put on the water during the alleged “flatten the curve” nonsense? Mmmm, maybe continuing to place COVID patients into nursing homes and LTC facilities while knowing that is certain death for our most vulnerable? If you guessed either one you would be wrong in the vile mind of Gretchen Whitmer.

Barr took criticism this week after he called the COVID-19 lockdown orders the “greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American History” since slavery, which was a “different kind of restraint.” His comments were made at an event hosted by Hillsdale College in Virginia.

“This is another unhinged distraction, and it’s deeply disturbing that our chief law enforcement officer is propagating it,” Whitmer said from the backyard of the governor’s residence in Lansing.

No, deeply disturbing is that Boobus Michiganderus actually elected this Exxon Valdez forehead, man-chopper sow as Michigan’s dysfunctional and corrupt governor. Because, in Whitmer’s first 510 days she owns two dam breaches and a stack of dead bodies.

Now, do you want to see a real “unhinged distraction?”

Clown world.

Barb Byrum: because female Democrats can’t keep their legs together we must regulate vasectomies or, keep murdering unwanted babies!

Progressivism is a mental disorder. Feminism is cancer.

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  1. 346
    September 21, 2020 at 8:00 pm

    Where did these unhinged deranged frothing at the mouth white women come from?
    I'm a white woman and a conservative, and it's perplexing how these things with a vag=ina came to be so...insane and backward? They use black people as props and pets and scream about white supremacy while campaigning for a man who clearly has dementia.... how is this not crazy?
    The silver lining is that regular folk, even those who voted for these crazy women got their first taste of communism when these weirdo women in Lansing served it up on a silver platter. When you tell radical leftists in Ann Arbor it's illegal to buy seeds, even they wake up to the monster that is Gretchen Whitmer.
    Did Whitmer not realize that many of the deranged leftists who voted for her, many with money, all have vast gardens and farms? They'll never forget it and they've told me. It makes even the most radical in Ann Arbor question their lust for communism. Because until this point, it was always just a fantasy for them. When the reality of communism hits, they are jolted awake even just for a time.
    I don't know what dark money is funding Whitmer, but she's been directed to destroy the State of Michigan so her benefactors can buy everything up on the cheap and take advantage of our vast natural resources.
    Time for the people of Michigan to wake up.. wHitler doesn't represent you.

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