Because It Works So Well

Lansing politicos promoting more racial divisiveness, and now?

Due to a groundswell of race related denial of service, access restrictions and increasing public pressure, lawmakers are going to act!

Recognizing the tongue planted firmly in cheek above, we can only speculate the reasons that State Senator Rick Jones (R) Might be the primary sponsor for such an effort as Senate Bill 90, “A bill to create an African-American affairs commission, an office of African-American affairs,” etc.. Maybe there is a trade off for something he wants, a job for a dear friend, or simple ‘white guilt?’  Perhaps he is lost in a time warp?

I mean really, doesn’t he know that ‘ghey’ is the new ‘black?’

The reality is that the last thing Michigan needs is another way to blow taxpayer resources by promoting the divisive cataloging of its citizens by race.  At some point full equality means equal blindness by lawmakers and bureaucrats with regard to how public resources are used and allocated.  It also demands an equal responsibility for each individual to stand on his own merit for an equal treatment under the law.

And we cannot understand why Jones and several other GOP sponsors would AGAIN want to grow government. We get the view of the Democrat sponsors, as race baiting and divisive pandering is an established platform of their party, but from the party which believes “that the best government is that which governs least?” It makes no sense to add a new department that requires new office space, full time administrative staff, and all for the express purpose of continuing to validate the absurd idea that any one racial population still needs special dispensation from the government.

So what is this critter?  The creation of the commission and its responsibilities as presented in the legislation:

(a) Provide the commission with information concerning the problems of African-Americans and implement commission policy.
(b) Conduct studies and recommend solutions to the problems of African-Americans in the areas of education, employment, civil rights, health, housing, senior citizens, mental health, social service, commerce, and other related areas.
(c) Recommend to federal, state, and local governmental departments and agencies the creation of services and facilities as the commission considers appropriate.
(d) Serve as a reporting agency for the collection and distribution of information on African-American affairs.
(e) Apply for and accept grants and gifts from governmental and private sources.
(f) Request the services of all state and local governmental departments and agencies to assure that African-Americans have access to decision-making bodies, the policies of which affect  African-Americans in this state.
(g) Cooperate with departments and agencies to aid in  effectuating the purposes of this act.
(h) Review the performance of state departments and agencies regarding the hiring and promotion of African-Americans by state  departments and agencies and the provision of services to African-Americans by state departments and agencies.
(i) Review the curriculum, programs, and policies of elementary, secondary, and postsecondary educational institutions  of this state regarding African-Americans and the admissions  programs and policies of postsecondary educational institutions of  this state regarding African-Americans.
(j) Submit a full written report of its activities and recommendations each year to the governor, legislature, and various African-American communities throughout this state.

Allow me to decipher this list point by point:

  • a. Find new and creative ways to justify the creation of the commission.
  • b. Spend money to validate the meme that there is not enough government resources directed to all areas of social welfare insofar as one segment of the population is concerned.
  • c. Create new portals for redistribution and social justice to black communities.
  • d. Keep score.
  • e. Hustle money.
  • f. Hustle votes.
  • g. Paper shuffle.
  • h. Violate the Michigan Constitution.
  • i. Violate the Michigan Constitution more.
  • j. Create a list of demands and build coalitions to pressure lawmakers to act on them.

Just for kicks, it would be enlightening to hear the truthful explanation of the epiphany driving this legislative throwback to the 1960s.

Racial disharmony is neither solved nor mitigated by propagating more of the divisiveness that such a creation brings forward.  How can folks not be “judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” when the pigment of a man’s skin is still being used as a basis for establishing whole new bureaucracies?


Rather than creating costly new divisive agencies within our state government, perhaps the legislature should begin looking at ways to reduce the implied message that we are not indeed created the same, and that we carry the same responsibilities, regardless of perceived challenges.  Such governmental creations perpetuate the stereotype that blacks are indeed inferior, and in need of ‘handicapping.’

There can be no doubt that certain communities have struggles that appear to be unique to those of a different skin color, but should the resolution of such struggles be based on the same delimiting quantity?

Personal responsibility is hardly advanced by the premise that a birthright of color grants privilege, or lack thereof.  And ‘Social Justice,’ under the guise of government protections is no way to reduce the propagation of such a premise.

In God’s eyes we are most assuredly the same.

Perhaps it is time those in our government acknowledge this as well?


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  1 comment for “Because It Works So Well

  1. KG One
    February 16, 2015 at 10:58 am

    Based on what a slam-bang-up job they have done running Detroit into bankruptcy and turning generations of families into government addicts, er, I mean dependents, items "A", "B", "D" & "G" can easily be applied towards the abolishment of the Michigan Democratic Party and its platform.

    On a related note: I wonder if we can use this to kick every Michigan democrat out of Michigan as well, seeing all of the trouble they have caused over nearly the better part of the last century.

    There may yet be some good to come from this...

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