Battle Cry – Ted Patterson

ICYMI - Highlights from the Battle Cry event.

If like me you were not able to attend this year, here is the first of a few highlights from the Battle Cry event this last weekend.

Ted Patterson serves as the Executive Director for the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership, and is a national consultant who has used the confrontational model to grow grassroots organizations and lead successful political projects around the country.

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  1. JD
    February 5, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    What was the last motivation that he prays every day to wake up and live up to?

    I was also curious as to the RINOs he mentioned bringing down being merely the candidates/legislators themselves...or those pulling the strings for them, 'leading' our communities or even doing the peon grunt work within the Party itself to achieve the exact same ends?

    Hopefully, he's speaking of 'baby RINO' hunting (within the Party structure) as well...(or is that not necessarily the strategy?.)

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  2. Jason
    February 5, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    Curious JD. Other than voting, what efforts have you made in your life to fight for liberty, win hearts and minds, or set a course for a political organization?

    Do you have any tricks you would like to share? What efforts do you recommend, versus decry?

    Is there ANY person worthy of your praise, and who might that be?

    I am not dying to get an answer, but I am curious. If you have a level of involvement, and success stories to share, I want to see them. I would love to learn not only from my own mistakes and successes, but from others' as well.

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    • JD
      February 5, 2016 at 2:56 pm

      We're out here simply asking what the price of admission truly is to conservative causes, strategies or even 'leadership' on these issues, Jason, since at least 2009.
      $60 to $80? (Battle Cry)
      Not 'daring' to ask what actually happened if we indeed didn't HAVE $60 to $80 (in the video above?)
      Simply 'accepting' that decisions on conservative strategy (locally or otherwise) will be made FOR us if we don't have $60 to $80 OR know the secret handshake?

      WE are the ones searching for conservative success stories which don't necessarily involve arbitrarily determining who is 'allowed' to attend these expensive events or even what will be 'the next step' with but 9 months to go.
      It is getting to the point where if no strategic information will be forthcoming anytime soon that we don't have to empty our wallets over or meet behind a dumpster to obtain..why wouldn't we start to believe that this has all been nothing but a chest-thumping exercise from the very beginning?

      There are a LOT of folks out there willing to help and/or get involved.

      They WON'T if after-the-fact highly generalized 'videos' from out-of-state well meaning 'speakers' are all that is on their plate when they're hungry for localized information and/or political strategies.

      The people that you're seeking support from and who you now (predictably) declare aren't 'worthy' due to their waiting for something other than what they've been afforded to date to sink their teeth in to are substance seekers.

      When you dismiss them for asking simple questions (just as our legislators do)...they sure won't be falling all over themselves to support or receive more of the same.

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      • Jason
        February 5, 2016 at 3:25 pm

        Don't mislead yourself as to what I am doing.

        I couldn't afford to make the trip down as I have my own expenses with a political contest coming up. I am merely asking what YOU are doing other than complaining about other people's efforts. I am trying to gauge whether you are actively involved, or simply trying to lash out because of some misplaced sense of entitlement to these programs.

        What have YOU done JD?

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        • JD
          February 5, 2016 at 4:18 pm

          Why are you asking others to be judged by what 'they' have sacrificed for the cause of liberty...vs recruiting (by simple disclosure) what the cause of liberty is indeed (today) all about?

          If I went to one of your campaign events and asked these same basic questions 'out loud'...would it be the same as when we went to Tea Party events (back in the day) and started in with simple math and shared sacrifice to angry receptions? How about encouraging everybody to show up for Right to Work in freezing temperatures with the assurance that you would be assaulted? Silence (again)? Marches in D.C. back in '09 with no absolutely organization to return back to or plans in hand? How about tax day rallies in Lansing with nothing but a guy selling tea bags and nothing else to chew on....sponsored by "over 40" organizations statewide?

          Sorry, but over 7 years later watching some guy from out of state teach us the 'basics' of politics but 9 months before "D-Day" or being challenged as to "what did YOU do for the cause 'lately'.." is an insult to those of who cared and were willing to show it.

          If you would iket to put us all under the lights 'now' for simply giving a recap of how this all went down and our guest (we're certainly not following those who demand 'credentials' or our wallets every time they turn around).

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          • Jason
            February 6, 2016 at 9:14 am

            I guess you will argue as long as you feel like arguing. Some folks are predefined that way.

            Personally, I think continuing skills training is a good thing. Sometimes a little red meat thrown in, sometimes a real lesson. Until I know you have personally done something to improve upon this process, it is harder for me to take you seriously.

            Perhaps others might be satisfied in constant complaints, but that is not how solutions have ever been found.

            Imagine one of the followers of Moses telling him that taking "the path out of town is a ridiculous plan!" Then they sit and talk about it, all the while Pharaoh changes his mind, and crushes them.

            Be a bump in the road for all you want. Hell, offer suggestions (try not to talk around what you are really saying though) and information. But disrespecting those who are trying to do something is not at all helpful.

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            • JD
              February 9, 2016 at 11:50 am

              It's not about's about inclusion.
              When a young (or old) person cannot even definitively speak as to political power structures locally due to a movement expecting to 'change' or 'overthrow' members of an invitation-only Party in power 'before' they are indeed simply thrown out themselves...please don't shoot the messengers.

              Again, it's a pretty simple question for those of us out here asking for at least 'some' definitive plan to (necessarily) overthrow those presently in power: How is this plan presented to those IN power as you sit down and break bread with these same individuals?
              Name 10 sane individuals who have went the precinct delegate route; were designated a significant enough threat to the Party (demanding DRASTIC change) and who have been physically thrown out of ANY MiGOP precinct for continually sticking up for their kids?

              It is curious that we have so many powerful people in our communities causing so many problems using political parties, NGOs, foundations, professional groups or anywhere else that our legislators visit exclusively as their favorite vehicles...yet very few patriots (seemingly) being kicked out of these 'clubs' for real time describing to the rest of us WHERE this influence originates (names) or WHY any local negative influence need stop.

              Not saying that there aren't plenty who haven't suffered already...only that these easily told tales/patriotic legends aren't being passed down to our grandchildren (locally) so that they don't necessarily suffer the same fate.

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