AWFL and “That Kid”

If one good thing has come out of 2020, it is that this is the year it exposed the Democrat Party officially as “That Kid,” and once seen, it cannot become unseen.

Fast-forward to today.


The true colors of the Affluent White Female Liberal. Whitmer says “build bridges not walls” while hiding behind a wall with armed security in a mansion that We the People are paying for. Tough break Boobus Michiganderus, you get to pick up the tab for Whitmer and her beloved unvetted invading hoards of sex traffickers, drug runners, and low-skill welfare leeches.

If you voted for it👆, now you’re getting it good and hard.

Happy Labor Day… if I allow you to.

Love, Big Gretch and the token.

See that? Democrats are That Kid. You remember That Kid, right? That Kid was the one who would pass a silent but deadly, then blame everyone else in class for farting.

Projection does not stop with Big Gretch, it is her entire party.

Every. Time.

Same is true for the RINOsaurs. That’s why Slick Rick and beta manlet Calley be Riding with the Beijing Biden’s. It’s all there in the comments, folks. I’m just thankful we have a Real Fighter in the White House that truly loves America, and its people.

Bottom line, this 👇 is what we’re up against this November.

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  1. Eric
    September 11, 2020 at 6:52 am

    Today being September 11 th. Its the anniversary of migrants that didn't work out too good for the country. We taught them how to fly planes and they took the planes loaded with passengers and flew them into buildings killing thousands for Allah. ICE is essential law enforcement. Talk of getting rid of them is just ridiculous. But unfortunately there really are politicians that think the state needs to be a sanctuary for people around the world fleeing law enforcement. And that we need a perpetual flow of illegals, Islamic terrorists, criminals and uncivilized people pouring into our neighborhoods.

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