And people wonder why there isn’t any faith in the legal system any longer?

Yeah, I know that this isn’t much of a huge surprise.

But what caught my attention, and will make people scratch their heads wondering how things could get any more screwed up, happened yet again just within a week.

Twice, even.


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I’m not going to go into something as obvious as the IRS being unable to provide FOIA requested information on the Carl Levin-D initiated Tea Party targeted audits, the “disposal” of where that information was stored (which could’ve easily be retrieved via forensic hardware/software) and subsequent lackadaisical demeanor by the Justice Department on what is technically very improbable to occur.

No, I’m going to stick closer to home.

Dateline – Adrian.

Judge Margaret Murray-Scholz Noe in Lenawee County 39th Circuit Court has made a rather unusual ruling in a child custody case she is presiding over.

Judge Murray-Scholz Noe has ordered the father in a child custody case to physically appear before her in court on Monday or else she will award custody of his daughter to his estranged wife and face arrest himself for contempt of court charges.

You might ask yourself, the father, Mathew Hindes must have really done something bad to illicit that kind of response from a Judge presiding over a custody hearing.

Child abuse?

Failure to pay child support?

Assault charges?

Failure to pay court ordered costs?

If you’ve guessed any of the above…you’re dead wrong!

To make matters even more outlandish, everything listed above was committed by the mother, Angela Hindes.

Matthew Hindes was originally awarded custody of his daughter in 2010 after the Michigan Department of Human Services removed Kaylee from her mother’s custody after charges of child abuse were filed.

Angela Hindes has not only failed to pay court ordered child support afterwards, but she managed to get herself arrested on assault charges (served jail time & received probation). She has also failed to pay court ordered child-evaluation costs leading up to the current hearing.

And did I mention that she lost her last attorney because she failed to pay his bill?

Not having a job and having another kid from a different father sort of makes paying all of your bills (not just to your lawyer), a little bit hard. It also questions her ability to provide as a good mother.

Kaylee Hindes is currently living with and is being very well taken care by her stepmother in Washington State.

Now, a case like this should be a no-brainer. Were it not for the Judge’s demand that the father to appear in person, you might not give it a second thought.

But did I mention that Mattthew Hindes is a Petty Officer currently serving aboard the USS Michigan, and that his current location is “classified” by the Navy. He physically cannot attend the hearing on Monday. A fact supported by letters of support for Petty Office Hindes from the Michigan’s command staff.

But Granholm appointee Judge Margaret Murray-Scholz Noe very obviously doesn’t care about that.

Even being made aware by Matthew Hindes’ lawyer that he is entitled to protections from her ruling under the Service Members Civil Relief Act, Judge Margaret Murray-Scholz Noe remains unconcerned stating, “If the child is not in the care and custody of the father, the child should be in the care and custody of the mother.”

Judge Margaret Murray-Scholz Noe further demonstrated her disconnect with reality by continuing, “At this point, I don’t think I have any alternative but to enter a bench warrant for his arrest.”

Swearing out a warrant for a man who is protecting your right…to be incredibly stupid.

Great job Judge Margaret Murray-Scholz Noe!



Dateline – Detroit

In mondo-bizzaro case No. 2, people may recall the vicious assault by a pack of savage animals against a motorist whose truck hit a child that darted into moving traffic several months ago.

Steven Utash managed to survive being severely beaten by about a dozen assailants and was in a medically induced coma for several weeks after his attack. He has since been released from the hospital, but is undergoing rehabilitation in an attempt to bring him back to as close to normal before the beating. Steven Utash may never be the same again because of that.

Adding insult to injury, he also was robbed during the ordeal of his wallet and contents of his work truck.

Dispute assertions from our “Relentlessly Positive” governor on how things in Detroit are turning around (for the record, they aren’t…but I’ve spend more time in Detroit than he has, so what do I really know), this was yet another black eye on the city that needed to be resolved ASAP.

DPD focused on leads and an initial arrest was made. People began to talking and things were going to look like they actually might turn out for a change.

The first was a 17-year old who sung like a canary before his appearance in juvenile court.

This lead to the subsequent arrests of 18-year old Bruce Wimbush, Jr., 19-year old Latrez Cummings, 24-year old James Davis, and 30-year old Wonzey Saffold. I have included their ages to show that they are not “just kids” contrary to what the community activists will argue in their defense. And did I mention that all of them have criminal records.

Just to give readers an idea of the mindset of these criminals in Detroit, this is what Latrez Cummings said to a Channel 4 reporter just last month;


“I’m not the perfect dude. I did stuff in my past (but) I’m not the kind of dude everybody thinks I am. I was there. Don’t mean I did anything. Police say something about people everyday; don’t mean it’s all true. I was just basically at the wrong place at the wrong time.”


Another example is when Wonzey Saffold flipped the bird to cameras as he walked into court during his appearance just last week. He was admonished by Judge James Callahan for that and because his pants were falling down around his ankles.

Again, this case should’ve been another no-brainer. Don’t let the cell door hit you on the way back in. Problem solved.

Ah ah ah! Not so fast.

The Wayne County Prosecutors Office in a serious “What the…”-moment, made plea deals with all five assailants.

That’s right, for pleading guilty on lesser charges, all five get to walk for their actions with an effective slap on the wrist.

Ostensibly, this was all done by the Prosecutors Office to spare the Utash family from enduring a lengthy court appearance. Unfortunately, the Utash family didn’t get that memo.

Steve Utash’s son Joe had this to say about the plea deals:


“It’s very frustrating. I seen it on the news and started crying. I don’t get this. Me and my family are pretty upset about it. My dad is crushed.”


Great job sparing the family the anguish of going through a court trial.

Three of the five thugs are scheduled to have a sentencing hearing during the second week in July. It will be up to Judge Callahan to accept this bunk or use common sense.

Personally, even though I’ve been told that I should be a little bit more optimistic as of late, I’m not holding out very much hope on this one.

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  4 comments for “And people wonder why there isn’t any faith in the legal system any longer?

    • KG One
      June 23, 2014 at 11:55 am

      Well see how things pan out at the end of today, then I'll share that sentiment.

      The good judge obviously has a low opinion of those of us who can read, and know how to access some court records when she said this:

      "While Noe has been criticized for how she’s handled the case, the AP added, she has said facts have been sacrificed for “sensational stories.”

      Everything above was checked with at least three different independent sources, including her own website.

      If anything was ever "sensationalized", it was her overinflated ego before this case came to the public's attention.

      The good judge should take the time to reflect on the heady days of her "accomplishments" during her Granholm appointment and strongly consider retiring after her current term is up (or even better yet, earlier).

      Why she hasn't been paid a visit from the Michigan JTC or from a JAG officer "politely" explaining the error of her decision in lieu of federal law still surprises me.

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      • Jason
        June 23, 2014 at 12:56 pm


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