A Terrible Candidate

Alabama US Senate candidate Roy Moore was unfit by the standards of the elite political class.

Brash, unapologetic and likes the ladies a bit younger.

Undeniably, Judge Roy Moore is the guy who married a woman fourteen years his junior.  She was 23, he was 37, and he has been married to her for 33 years.

That last part might well go under the radar, as the theme of the year is sexual predation.  Under the current hysteria it is far easier to assign a label of ‘creeper,’ ‘pedophile,’ or ‘mall stalker’ than to look at the reality of the man’s life.  It is apparently now far easier to accuse a public persona of violating the mob conscience than it is to defend such accusations made in the 11th hour of an important electoral milestone.

And in that last, even the #Nevertrump insanity found plausible means to lash out indirectly at a Trump agenda that has so far proven them not just wrong, but simply foolish.

#NeverTrumpers had their symbol of failure to rally about.  They said Roy Moore was a pedophile, a dirtbag, a predator, and a creepy guy because he was committed to Trump’s agenda, even though Trump himself had originally rejected Moore in favor of a mainstream preferred Luther Strange.

Alabamans preferred Moore in the primary process, and the accusations ginned up by media agents arrived as such things do; in the latest days of the campaign; as arrivals with absentee ballots, and early enough to fully consume the campaign by the time it happened. Of course, Roy Moore had no time or opportunity to prove the allegations to be false, and at this point we will likely never hear from the coincidental accusers again.

Add to this, the late to the party Trump endorsing Moore was frosting on the cake for the #NeverTrump left & Right  they had an answer, including some renewed ridiculousness about Trump touching, ogling, or admiring women to the point of uncomfortableness.  Just in time to say “The molesting commander in chief endorses the molesting candidate.”

Never mind that accusations are simply that.

People have argued throughout the last days of the AL senate special election, that “Due Process” is not applicable.  Even ‘our’ guys.  The #NeverTrump ‘right’ apparently prefer a baby killing leftist to be seated, rather than challenge late-game suspicious accusations in an election that would naturally attract all manner of shenanigans.

The Democrats have obvious motives.  #OurGuys are simply stupid.  The Democrats learned that virtue signalling works quite well on the mushy middle we call establishment GOP or ‘GOPe’.  Rather than courageous defiance in the face of ludicrous accusations, and era transmuted standards, too many GOPe went all-in to assure themselves the  hiding place of deniability.


Concern over the truths are one thing, but to actively embark on a friendly fire mission is fully yet another.  Silence might well have won the day, but GOP pol after GOP pol marched out in front of the cameras to be sure that he was not labeled a ‘pedophile’ lover.  Instead of simply opining that accusations do NOT equal facts, especially at a time when dirty tricks are expected, weak kneed losers did what the left does, and pretended that due process is as dead as the constitution. #FailParty

This is not the end of the world however.

Judge Moore fought against the left, the right, and a rebellion of new-victimhood.  The perfect storm of mob-mentality-meets-misrepresentation narrowly cost the seat that (sans the accusations) would have been won by an easy 30 points otherwise.

If any one of the purer-than-thou GOPe who decried Moore’s behavior based on mere allegation would have instead said “these are merely allegations” even while claiming to be concerned, the end result would have been different.  An end tally with 8000 votes difference is an important thing to note.

Roy Moore was hardly a terrible candidate.  He was hardly weak.  He was a soldier, a patriot, and a stalwart defender of the constitution, a bold champion for life, and a solid family man of 33 years. He was a supporter of the president’s policies, and a better Republican than those who in knee-jerk normalcy treated him like a leper.

Terrible, is a word that more aptly describes the quality of the GOPe when the left is pulling their strings.






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  3 comments for “A Terrible Candidate

  1. KG One
    December 13, 2017 at 10:18 pm

    I'm going to love to see what Squish McConnell has in mind next year to hand Congress over to Team-d.

    And of course, the republican kakistocracy will be tripping over themselves to see that happen.

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  2. 10x25MM
    December 14, 2017 at 6:58 am

    Roy Moore was actually defeated by a last minute, libelous post card linking him to former Alabama Governor George Wallace and segregation. This card was followed up by robocalls from Barack Obama directed to the African-American community. This goosed African-American turnout to 30% of the total turnout.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      December 14, 2017 at 4:31 pm

      Nothing new. Blacks vote skin color and anything anti-white. Another group you fail to mention is Matt Drudge type. They vote against anything that is remotely traditional belief on the sodomite issue. They are single issue, and anything else is an afterthought.

      Ps. there is no hyphen in that identity moniker unless one has legally emigrated from Africa.

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