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Governor Whitmer Funding CCP Election Manipulation Operations?

Taxpayers financing the enemy?

Pat Colbeck has this up at Lets Fix Stuff. Has the Whitmer administration has been assisting the communist Chinese in subverting our election processes?

Follow the breadcrumbs folks.

.. And maybe some details on the arrest of a CCP operative for stealing election worker information.

“..During the PIT brief, Catherine and Gregg revealed how they discovered that Konnech’s Poll Chief software enabled the transfer of 1.8M poll worker records to servers managed by Chinese Communist Party intelligence agents. In addition to putting the personal information of U.S. citizens in the hands of a malicious third party, the transfer of this data indicated that Chinese intelligence agents had access to sensitive information regarding elections in the United States. ..”

MEDC money awards and accolades scrubbed (but still available) from the initial PR posts, but are backed up just in case the archives are scratched as well.

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