2020 Michigan Local Election Results

There were many local election results of interest in Michigan.  Rs picked up some seats in areas where President Trump did well, but there were also missed opportunities due to local GOPs not contesting seats.

Allegan:  Rs won all six countywide offices and won 7/7 county commission seats, all uncontested.

Bay:  What a failure by the Bay County GOP.  Rs won all state elections in Bay County, but the Bay GOP did not contest six of eight countywide offices.  Popular D county executive (and former congressman) Jim Barcia was reelected.  R Michael Rivard did defeat incumbent D drain commissioner (and former state rep) Joe Rivet.  Rs contested only two of seven county commission seats, and won one of them.

Berrien:  Rs won all seven countywide races.  Rs won 10/12 county commission seats.  The district 5 (St. Joseph) seat resulted in a tie, which was won by the R drawing lots.

Calhoun:  Rs won all five countywide offices and 5/7 county commission seats.

Eaton:  Rs won 3 of 5 countywide offices, prosecutor, clerk, and drain commissioner.  Former state senator Rick Jones lost for sheriff by 2.6%, and an R lost for treasurer by 4.5%.  Rs won 9/15 county commission elections, picking up three seats.  An R won district 10 by 7 votes.

Genesee:  Ds won all six countywide offices.  Rs won 2/9 county commission seats, holding district 6 (Fenton) and picking up district 7 (North), but losing district 9 (East) by 2%.  Rs also came within 5% in district 5 (Grand Blanc) and 2% in district 8 (West).  Thus Rs were close to winning a majority on the Genesee County Commission.

Grand Traverse:  Rs won all six countywide offices.  Rs won 5/7 county commission seats.

Jackson:  Rs won all six countywide offices and 7/9 county commission seats.

Kalamazoo:  Rs won only the unpaid surveyor office of the six countywide offices.  R Treasurer Mary Balkema narrowly lost to underqualified D Thomas Whitener.  Rs won 4/11 county commission seats, picking up districts 6 and 9.  In district 6 (Cooper, Richland, Ross), former commissioner (2002-16) Jeff Heppler won 56% over a D appointed by the D-majority board when an R resigned. District 9 (Texas), vacated by Christine Morse to run for state rep, was won by the man she beat in 2018, former state senator (1994-2002) and commissioner (2014-18) Dale Shugars with 50.2%.  Rs got about 48% in districts 5 and 11.

Kent:  Rs won all five countywide offices, though the drain commissioner race had only a 3% margin.  State senator Peter MacGregor was elected treasurer by a 4.4% margin; there will be a special election to fill his seat.  Rs won 11/19 county commission seats.

Lenawee:  Rs won all eight countywide offices and 8/9 county commission seats.

Ingham:  Ds won all six countywide offices and Rs won 3/14 county commision seats.

Leelanau:  Rs won all seven countywide offices in a county that President Trump lost.  Rs won 4/7 county commission seats.  District 1 was won by only 2 votes.

Livingston:  Rs won all six countywide offices and 9/9 county commission seats.

Macomb:  Rs won 4 of 5 countywide offices, only losing the sheriff race.  State senator Pete Lucido won 52% for prosecutor.  There will need to be a special election to fill his seat.  Former state rep. Tony Forlini beat incumbent clerk Fred Miller 51-49.  Incumbents Larry Rocca and Candace Miller were reelected as treasurer and public works commissioner.  Rs won 7/13 county commission seats, beating incumbents in districts 5 (Sterling Heights) and 10 (St. Clair Shores, Harrison Township).  Rs also came close in districts 9 and 12.  Rs will control redistricting.

Marquette:  Ds won all seven countywide offices, and 6/6 county commission seats.

Monroe:  Rs won 3 of 6 countywide races, prosecutor, clerk, and sheriff.  The R barely lost for sheriff.  Rs did not contest the drain commissioner or surveyor.  Rs won 7/9 county commission seats.  Former R state senator Randy Richardville beat former D state rep Bill LaVoy in district 5.

Muskegon:  John James won this historically D county.  Rs contested four of six countywide offices, but won none.  The drain commissioner race was lost by only 1.4%.  Rs won 5/9 county commission seats, picking up district 9 (Whitehall), and losing district 3 (Muskegon Township) by only 3.5%.

Oakland:  Rs won only one countywide office.  Mike Bouchard got 54% for sheriff.  Mike Kowall got 44% for county executive.  Joe Kent got 46% for Treasurer.  Rs won 10/21 county commission seats.  Klint Kesto lost district 5 (West Bloomfield) by 606 votes (1.7%).  Adam Kochenderfer won after a “technical glitch” initially reported that he had lost.  Rs have lost control of redistricting (which is controlled by the commission), which is bad news for Oakland County Rs.

Ottawa:  Rs won all five countywide offices and 10/11 county commission seats.

Saginaw:  Donald Trump won Saginaw County in 2016, but the Saginaw GOP only contested one countywide race, and lost it.  Rs won 5/11 county commission seats, picking up district 7 (southeast), but losing district 3 (Saginaw Township).

St. Clair:  Rs won 6/7 county commission seats.

Van Buren:  Rs won all 7 countywide offices uncontested.  Rs won 6/7 county commission seats.

Wayne:  Rs won only county commission district 9 (Livonia/Northville).  District 15 (Downriver) was lost by 11%, so this district may be worth targeting in the future.

Washtenaw:  Ds won all countywide races and 9/9 county commission districts.  District 3 was a close 3.2% loss.

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    November 27, 2020 at 1:35 pm

    In Kent County, alone: https://www.oann.com/michigan-county-clerk-fights-for-election-integrity/

    "BuT IT's lEGiTiMaTe ELeCtIoN DaTa I FaP tO!" - Cuckservative First

    🤡 🌎

    Ps. folks in Plainfield Twp should thank their lucky stars they have a business owner and retired Grand Rapids Police detective as their Clerk, instead of a millennial dipshit.

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