2016 Michigan State House Fundraising

July 22 was the deadline for campaign finance reports for Michigan legislature.  Here are summaries of the total amounts raised in competitive Republican primaries and general elections for Michigan state house.  Primary ratings are included.  XX means the report has yet to be filed.

1. (D) Banks 136K Sossi 30K Broman 11K Youson 6K
20. (R) (Lean Nielson) Nielson 79K (37K self) Roosen 24K Noble 16K
23. (R) (Likely Howey) Howey 57K (25K self) Frazier XX Taylor 2K
    (D) (Tossup) Berecz 60K (26K self) Rzeppa 54K Camilleri 53K Petrucci 5K
24. (R) (Safe Marino) Marino 69K (35K self) D Smith 2K
    (D) Peterson 59K
30. (R) (Likely Farrington) Farrington 59K Shallal 14K Bogdan 3K
    (D) Notte 36K Spica 6K
32. (R) (Lean Hornberger) Hornberger 44K Shmina 19K Tranchita XX
33. (R) (Tossup) Yaroch 52K (49K self) Koch 21K Carl 15K Karafa 12K
39. (R) Kesto 151K (D) Stack 22K
41. (R) Howrylak 77K (D) Peltonon 4K
46. (R) (Tossup) Kent 97K (27K self) Reilly 46K
52. (R) Clark 13K (D) Fuller 116K Lasinski 99K
56. (R) Sheppard 102K (D) Redmond 18K
57. (R) (Likely Kahle) Kahle 73K Cottrell 10K Good $100 (D) Wimple 19K
60. (R) Ross 1K (D) Hoadley 84K
61. (R) Iden 125K (D) Fisher 26K
62. (R) Bizon 106K (D) Haadsma 55K
63. (R) Maturen 32K (D) Shiflea waiver
64. (R) (Lean Alexander) Griffin 92K Alexander 86K Tripp 65K (36K self)
    (D) Brooks 13K
66. (R) (Likely Griffin) Griffin 81K (40K self) Nilson 10K (6K self)
    (D) Brown 57K
70. (R) (Lean Lower) Lower 47K (17K self) VanKleek 10K Mulholland 6K Reyburn 5K Putansu XX
71. (R) Barrett 122K (D) Abed 43K
72. (R) (Tossup) Gallogly 33K Noto 25K Coughlin 12K Johnson 6K Hirsch 2K
76. (R) O’Neill 34K (D) Brinks 70K
77. (R) (Safe Brann) Brann 77K (51K self)
79. (R) (Tossup) Arnt 24K LaSata 23K Rolling 3K
80. (R) (Likely Whiteford) Whiteford 26K Nobel 8K
83. (R) (Tossup) Hernandez 35K Muxlow 26K Faber 20K (10K self)
85. (R) (Likely Frederick) Frederick 101K Aue 27K
    (D) Karhoff 8K Hovarth 6K Surprenant 5K
86. (R) (Tossup) Johnson 47K (38K self) Henry 43K (40K self) Albert 36K VanderWerff 3K Lower 2K
89. (R) (Likely Lilly) Lilly 85K Mulligan 37K Hall $100
91. (R) Hughes 166K (D) Lamonte 104K
96. (D) Elder 37K (26K self) Tilley 25K (10K self) DuFresne 18K
97. (R) (Lean Wentworth) Wentworth 41K (21K self) Gilmore 20K (16K self) Link 19K (12K self) Winarski 16K (7K self)
98. (R) Glenn 168K (D) Malicoat 13K
99. (R) (Lean Hauck) Hauck 26K Stressman 26K (D) Mielke 91K
100. (R) (Likely VanSingel) VanSingel 49K (17K self) Wilterink 7K
101. (R) (Likely VanderWall) VandelWall 38K (21K self) Walter 8K (D) Scripps 88K
102. (R) (Tossup) Hoitenga 44K (30K self) Hook 41K Briscoe 8K Langworthy 4K
103. (R) (Likely Rendon) Kumar 139K self Rendon 62K (D) Stancil 29K
104. (R) Inman 112K Gillman 22K (8K self) (D) Coffia 24K
106. (R) (Tossup) Allor 67K (56K self) Krawkzac 33K Osmer 27K Chandler 8K self
    (D) Kieliszewski 53K Kennedy 15K
107. (R) (Likely Chatfield) Chatfield 166K Twardy 23K (8K self)
108. (R) (Tossup) Lafave 27K Shann 17K Arcand 6K
    (D) Celello 56K Dziedzic 7K
109. (D) Kivela 23K Cambensey 6K

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  8 comments for “2016 Michigan State House Fundraising

  1. 10x25MM
    July 26, 2016 at 7:23 am

    In some of the races, you have prospective outcomes (the primary ratings?) in parentheses. Where did these come from?

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    • Conservative First
      July 26, 2016 at 2:46 pm

      Those are my ratings of the races. They are mainly based on fundraising totals (since the person who raises the most money usually wins) with adjustments for incumbency, political experience, endorsements, and name recognition.

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  2. JD
    July 26, 2016 at 3:12 pm

    Glenn..$168K vs $13K for his Democrat opponent.

    Is the #1 most recognizable sitting Tea Party (era) candidate in the state 'that' vulnerable or did I miss a candidate spending more?

    With the obvious next question being...which of these candidates (save Jason obviously) represent the very 'last' political refugees from this dying movement needing but two victories (10x25's commentary) to both save face and possibly make history at the same time?

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    • Conservative First
      July 26, 2016 at 3:32 pm

      It's about deterrence. Raise so much money that nobody challenges you (and you don't need to spend it). Glenn has a huge fundraising network due to his social conservative activism. There's always a chance that some billionaire gay rights activist dumps a pile of money into the district.

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  3. Conservative First
    July 26, 2016 at 3:23 pm

    I updated the post as some of the late reports have come in.

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  4. Jason
    July 26, 2016 at 7:13 pm

    FYI.. in 2014 Inman loaned his campaign about 100K+

    You might note he is cashing some of it out (12K), and is not spending quite a bit. This could be for either or both of two reasons. 1. He may be afraid to face down the Democrat who is already raising decent cash from individual donors. (State party is concerned about the loss of this district - concerned, though not frantic) or 2. He is leaving himself a loan payback.

    Devos family kicked in 9K to Inman's campaign BTW.

    Not surprised, though they might be shooting themselves in the foot. Larry voted for the bailout and can be relied upon for further bailouts. MY preference is a wholly institutionalized charter operation for DPS which is presumably a GLEP (Devos operation) goal.

    Some people just carry a grudge maybe?

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    • JD
      July 30, 2016 at 12:27 pm

      "...Some people just carry a grudge maybe?.."

      Inman isn't wiling to break down the realities of political life here in Michigan nor publish those facts for the 'unwashed' or anyone who has the gumption to (at the very least) access the internet/educate themselves in any meaningful manner. If he declared himself a devil-worshipper tomorrow it wouldn't matter

      I'm not certain that an older generation (richer or poorer) funding/supporting all sides of the political equation for their own self-interests (or not) care more about money/power/fame than they do about simply maintaining the status quo lest a nasty revolution by young people/the disaffected breaks out well before THEY check out themselves.

      Those of us who choose to keep our grandchildren's fate to ourselves or who believe that our grandchildren will never suffer 'equally' will always have the advantage.

      It used to be about 'legacies' in big money politics with power and often simply 'feeling important' a distant 2nd/3rd in terms of motivations.

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