2016 Michigan Republican Convention Highlights

Michigan Republican Party nominees to statewide races were selected today.

DSC_0020The Michigan Republican Party Convention in Grand Rapids selected nominees for the State Board of Education, and University spots on Saturday.

The State wide races were the primary reason for the convention, but Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and others also spoke during Friday Night caucuses as well as on Saturday about the entire ticket “from top to bottom” as being critical for all republican seat wins.  The current RINO squish Rick Snyder has yet to endorse the nominee, but has at least stopped short of endorsing the criminal Hillary Clinton as did his ideological mentor Bill Milliken.

The slate of GOP nominees selected in the full convention include:

For State Board of Education it was Tom McMillin and Nicolette Snyder  If signs won races, it might have been a different outcome (Bill Runco signs outnumbered all), but McMillin’s legislative history likely carried his nod.  Snyder, an energetic new face in the party may have surprised  many by being the 2nd nominee.

Michigan Supreme Court incumbents David Viviano and Joan Larsen were nominated unanimously by the convention.  Viviano was appointed by Snyder to fill the vacancy created by disgraced Diane Hathaway’s resignation.  Larsen was another appointment by Snyder to fill the vacancy created by Mary Beth Kelly’s retirement in 2015.

The Wayne State University Board of Governors nominees were Michael Busuito and Kim Shmina, who ran as a team (or slate) for the two spots available.

The Michigan State University Board of Trustees nominees are William Deary and Dan Kelly.

University of Michigan Board of Regents nominees are Carl Meyers and Ron Weiser.

Aside from the nominations, convention goers were treated to a keynote by John Bolton who correctly noted that  Hillary Clinton would make the U.S. “more vulnerable to threats all around the world” if if she were elected president.

Pictures below are a few selections from the convention.

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  5 comments for “2016 Michigan Republican Convention Highlights

  1. Sue Schwartz
    August 28, 2016 at 6:22 am

    I had a great time, not so much the convention, but seeing the friends one only gets to hug twice a year. It was no secret that McMillan and Kim Shmina were my favorites. Was really disappointed that Trump signs weren't more plentiful and hats, etc., cost big bucks. But, got to thinking that it's a coup raising money to stay in-state for the Trump campaign. We must work hard to get out the vote. Chief Justice Robert Young was hanging out but me thinks because he's Chief Justice folks are afraid to approach him. What a warm man he is. I suggested that he should be a delegate so he'd have the credentials to walk the convention floor. (JD--take note, not having delegate credentials even keeps Chief Justices off the convention floor) I'm definitely adding him to my delegate recruitment list in two years. Bill Schuette was all over the convention floor. He must be running for Gov. It caused a sense of pride for us 1st District-ers when Gen. Jack Bergman (JD, he's a delegate) place into nomination Ron Weiser for UofM Board of Regents. 72 days till the election--So little time--so much to do. We need to get moving folks.

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  2. JD
    August 29, 2016 at 11:57 am

    "..It caused a sense of pride for us 1st District-ers when Gen. Jack Bergman (JD, he's a delegate) place into nomination Ron Weiser.."

    Who should our children focus on 'now' given that Mr. Weiser ('search' being your friend here on RightMI) needs no further introduction? Those who want to hold up 'who' for 'what'?

    We are not witnessing Michigan patriots clamoring to become delegates for exactly the above reason.

    If we are (still) stuck in mud the arguing over who is truly best for our children's future in terms of higher learning or finally upsetting the apple cart 'within' institutions siphoning scarce resources for literally countless nefarious ends (once and for all)?

    How do we force establishment types in places like Grand Traverse to shake a new delegate's hand with the backslapping (NEEDED) first impression of:

    "Hi...I'm well connected around here and love Billy Milliken both past and present...welcome to the club! (let me introduce you to 'Chad' over here who feels the same)..."

    Sorry...but I'd rather have my delegate using his allotted time to not vote for a single nominee (if needed) and tell the world why...rather than (again) effectively perpetuate the mess that we've created in higher learning with yet another candidate who will never say 'boo' to any of it while (frankly) screwing things up even more.

    Is there even ONE delegate who stands up at these conventions and says ANYTHING which nobody has essentially 'ever' heard before?

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  3. JD
    August 29, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    In other words, Sue...if nobody is reporting back from these conventions with any stronger stories that the above regarding P-20 education (our future young leaders under siege in countless manners for decades and even more so now) or changing the Michigan Supreme Court for the better? (just as important or more than the federal court) ???
    A sea of "hugging" vs serious (public) discussions taking place is NOT going to attract potential delegates literally fighting for their collective futures here in Michigan (especially younger ones).

    Remember, many of us didn't even join our local Tea parties over these past 7 years due to 'hugging'/casting our votes behind Oz-like curtains being the prerequisite.

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  4. Sue Schwartz
    August 29, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    JD--I was appalled that Bill Runco thought he was worthy of delegate support for the State School Board. He was a censure judge but should have not only been removed, but disbarred in my opinion for his acts. Had he been a stockbroker and used this insider information to make money--he would have been put in federal prison. (http://caselaw.findlaw.com/mi-supreme-court/1185156.html) He was only censure--and then, if I recall correctly, was then appointed to the Attorney Grievance Commission. He later showed up as counsel to the MI GOP. Honestly, be bad, hang out with credible people and you too will become credible. I actively campaigned against Runco--and JD, I did this for you. As for me, I'm a social butterfly--even got assaulted by the GOP parliamentarian Patterson--I knew who he was as he was telling me who he was--See, I challenged a rule under Roberts Rules of Order, they actually handed me the book to find the rule and when I did, Patterson pulled the book out of my hands and as all playground bullies are, stood before everyone and told me he was a very important "constitutional Attorney". When I said "SO!" He got madder. Just for the record, I asked for a hand count because they needed 2/3rds to pass what they we're trying to pass. That's 2/3rd of the voting delegates (101) present. But the rule I found required 50% plus 20. Either way, the issue could not pass with a vote of 58 to 38. And to make it even more ludicrous, the very first order of business in any event is to approve/amend the agenda--this was never done. So, I'm pretty sure that the 1st congressional caucus was pretty much void ab initio.

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  5. JD
    August 30, 2016 at 9:45 pm

    If every delegate were willing to offer us a similar blow-by-blow (afterwards), Sue?..we would all become educated exponentially (more) and possibly feel that delegates there were there to actually destroy the status quo (for our grandchildren's sake) rather than to perpetuate it.

    History (and I'm supposing somebody a whole lot more important) will note the lack of enthusiasm surrounding Common Core (alone) finally running on all cylinders let alone sexual issues involving our children's every day exposures in 2016/17.

    These conventions (see earlier 'conservative' affairs as well) should be chock full of first-hand stories involving those (by name) intentionally body-checking those there to change any party for the better.

    With this much wrong and this much at stake in a historic 'do or die' election year?

    ...it is hard to imagine a gathering of the state's Goliath power brokers and little David heroes resulting in anything but 'hard feelings' at the very least (thank you for offering up the only meaningful account known to date).

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