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Cradle to Grave

Our *feel good* tax dollars at work…

not-convinced-wasted-workplace-ecard-someecardsIt’s possible Michigan students might have a state lawmaker reading to them in the classroom this month.

The leaders of the education committees in the Michigan Legislature are challenging their colleagues to each read to 1,000 Michigan students as a part of March is Reading Month.

Rep. Amanda Price, R-Park Township, and Sen. Phil Pavlov, R-St. Clair Township, issued the challenge to their colleagues last week. If each lawmaker reads to 1,000 children, the legislators would read to a total of 148,000 Michigan school children during March.


Memo the Republican Majority in Lansing: You gaggle of inept simpletons are the last people who should be invading schools reading to children.

Yes, Snyder’s newest agenda pimp, John Walsh, proves that nobody can accuse Sen. Jones of being a liar.

Education is the parent’s responsibility – not yours.

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Don’t act Surprised When They Broadcast Their Intentions

The Michigan Gang Of Polyps are already priming the pump.

At the state convention just over a week ago, Republican activists elected his successor, Ronna Romney McDaniel, after he decided against running again. Schostak, 59, who also runs a Livonia commercial real estate company with his family, is leaving largely on a high note.
“A candidate way to the right may not win in Michigan. The candidate who portrays maybe a more centrist, middle-of-the-road right probably could be more successful in Michigan,” he said.

Yep, told you so.

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