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Reince Priebus

The people behind the most recent attacks on Dave Agema are agenda driven, progressive leaning, Fifth columnists. We are at a crossroads in America as Persecution of Faith and people of Principle is a daily part of our Lives. The radical homosexual agenda is the spear point being used to destroy good men of character who dare to take a stand, speak out, and espouse principles.  The current attacks calling Dave Agema a racist are no accident, nothing is more toxic in our current culture than Racism, it is the Logical Weapon of the moment, based on the current issues and struggles facing America.

   I am a lifelong republican, I proudly voted for Ronald Reagan, and have cast a straight ticket ballot my entire life until 2014.  As I watch people of faith continually shunted to the side, Taken for granted, and publicly Ostracized, I can no longer NOT stand for Faith and Values FIRST! I will stand with Dave Agema, even if it costs me any and all political capital I may have.  A third party is not the option I want to see, but it will be the only option left, if CHRISTian Constitutional Conservatives are thrown to the Jackals yet again.  There is an awakening occurring in this once great nation.

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Yo, Mrs. Kirk?

Um, your endorsement, ma’am… well, I just threw-up a little in my mouth here.

Do they make their decisions based on sound conservative thought, or do they make their decisions based on short-term political pressures and opportunism?

As I see the score to, Mrs. Kirk’s question… sound Conservatism: 0 – Expediency: 1, and Opportunism: 1 because .. reasons.
NOTE: One half of the 2012 ticket, which neither carried their *home state*, has had an epiphany.

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General Boykin’s lament

...or why strong leaders rarely waste time/propose useless legislation (unless the consultant advises 'its best')

Not many would argue the fact that ‘our side’ has been unable to field not to mention ‘elect’ the number of solid fiscally conservative/no nonsense legislators that we desire here in Michigan in any quantity that is near acceptable. Few others would agree that we have effectively measured the performance of those who did rise to acceptance or insist that a public stance be taken on legislation before or after their votes.

Recently, two “Tea Party”(for lack of a better description) backed legislators have introduced themselves and their #1 legislative priorities to us through their “Contract for Liberty” or “legislative framework to restore liberty”.


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