General Boykin’s lament

...or why strong leaders rarely waste time/propose useless legislation (unless the consultant advises 'its best')

Not many would argue the fact that ‘our side’ has been unable to field not to mention ‘elect’ the number of solid fiscally conservative/no nonsense legislators that we desire here in Michigan in any quantity that is near acceptable. Few others would agree that we have effectively measured the performance of those who did rise to acceptance or insist that a public stance be taken on legislation before or after their votes.

Recently, two “Tea Party”(for lack of a better description) backed legislators have introduced themselves and their #1 legislative priorities to us through their “Contract for Liberty” or “legislative framework to restore liberty”.


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Is the PowWow for ‘square’ young people as well?

Kids not necessarily interested in 'smoking the peace pipe' at the PowWow

Since the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is now an integral sponsor of the single most important meeting of the minds involving Michigan conservative politics (the ‘PowWow being held today in Mt. Pleasant) a few questions come to mind as to how the average young person today (consistently turning in clean drug tests) might view the conference or this political platform to date. Three issues come immediately to mind:

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