2015: Year Of The Big Lie

The Etiquette of Lying Evolved in Michigan This Year

hcedhbcaThomas Sowell just dismissed 2015 as the “Year of the Big Lie”. His view is national, but his observation certainly applies to Michigan politics this year as well.

MDEQ Director Dan Wyant resigned yesterday in an act of contrition over his department’s prevarications about Flint water processing and quality.  The Flint Water Advisory Task Force found the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality failed to ensure safe drinking water in the City of Flint.  He was followed out the door yesterday evening by his mouthpiece, MDEQ Communications Director Brad Wurfel. The really egregious MDEQ lies were actually formulated by Stephen Busch, a civil service classified ‘engineer’ in the MDEQ Drinking Water and Municipal Assistance Office. No word on his fate, but don’t hold your breath; he is a classified civil servant.

By contrast, MDoT Director Kirk Steudle gets to spend a gusher of new taxpayer dollars gulled from our State Legislature, after his blizzard of lies supporting Proposal 2015-01 failed to impress Michigan voters. Our legislators were far less discerning than their constituents. Director Steudle was all over Michigan in the first quarter poor mouthing MDoT’s resources. He relentlessly promoted an entirely bogus assessment methodology to portray Michigan road conditions in the worst possible light. All the while, the Michigan Auditor General was having a field day revealing MDoT nonfeasance, misfeasance, and waste.

George Orwell-During Times of Universal DeceitThe lessons for aspiring Michigan bureaucrats here?

1. Tell lies that raise revenues for government
2. Craft lies that support our nitwit media’s political agenda
3. Never tell lies that reduce government spending

There is no direct mention of lying in the Michigan Civil Service Commission Rules or Regulations. Lying could be construed as ‘conduct unbecoming….’ in Section 2-6.1(b)(2) of the MiCSC Rules, but when some lies are proven departmental enhancements, how do you make a ‘conduct unbecoming….’ case against any other lie? The MiCSC Rules do have an ethical conduct section, 2.8, but it is about financial peculation – not at issue here.

A government etiquette of lying is evolving before your very eyes here in the State of Michigan. You will pay for it.

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  1. JD
    January 1, 2016 at 7:14 am


    When you can't even get your own press release (these two obviously came as 'a package') it isn't surprising when one gets the golden parachute soft landing private sector promotion...but a few weeks 'before' the other is unceremoniously canned while still bragging about "new opportunities" (obviously for both of them) in 2016.

    Another lie that was effectively put to rest indefinitely in 2015 was that of the state standing up for their citizens (which they never did anyways) in regards to video/franchise service complaints. They simply shut the doors this week..told those with cases open "sorry about your luck"...(yet nobody lost their jobs)...and the taxes previously spent to run the department went...where? How is this not a low hanging fruit election issue in 2016 that most everybody can relate to?



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