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Yeah, but can we trust him?

Dovetailing on the good news from Trucker Randy yesterday, according to today’s Detroit News, Speaker Bolger has declared that BOTH HB-5959 (Rep. Foster) and HB-5804 (Rep. Singh) to be dead this year.

***Side note to Chad Livengood: Both bills were written to create a protected class in Michigan, NOT prohibit discrimination. I will be more than happy to cite numerous examples in Kentucky, New Mexico, Oregon ,Texas and New York (just for starters) to prove you otherwise. I shouldn’t have to remind you that you are a reporter, not an editorial page writer.***

{Still, I’ve got more after the fold}

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To Serve….

At least the appointed to *manage* the Blue Line own up on camera as to how they think about you, and your wallets. Oh, and for those out there sitting in their lily-white suburbs who *think* this is just typical Detroit corruption, well, a $280,000.00 settlement says you are wrong.

The figure was determined by a three-attorney panel during a case evaluation, and both sides agreed to accept the offer rather than go to trial.

Officials with the Novi Police Department declined to comment, directing questions to their attorney, Tom McGraw.

Yep. Same sh*t – different day.

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