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Detroit News Report falls short on Michigan’s Road Fund Money Allocation Problem

gas-tax-hike-snyderMichigan ranks dead last in the nation when it comes to its per capita spending on its roads and bridges, according to a report citing U.S. Census Bureau data. Is it because Michiganders don’t pay a high enough gas tax, or have our legislators been re-directing our road tax dollars elsewhere?

Michigan has the 5th highest Gasoline Tax in the nation, only Democrat controlled CA, NY, HI, CT are higher! Michigan’s gas excise tax is 19 cents per gallon. Michigan also collects sales taxes and an environmental regulation tax for a whopping grand total of 39.4 cents per gallon.

Michigan legislators have been stealing, robbing and shifting “our” road fund monies for years! Now that the kitty is bone dry they have the gull to suggest “we taxpayers” pony up by accepting a gas tax and vehicle registration fee increases.

Michigan legislative Transportation and Infrastructure committee chairs Wayne Schmidt (R) House and Tom Casperson (R) Senate would serve their constituents and all Michigan motorist well by pushing legislation that would outlaw any further diversions of Gasoline Tax monies from roads, bridges and infrastructure. Unfortunately these two seem more concerned about “Horse Trading” with politically well connected real estate developers.


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Getting to Know Your Candidate: Democrat Mark Schauer Gets His Protest On

Democrats are constantly protesting, chanting, complaining, whining and agitating. If you’re a Democrat, protesting is part of the job description. 

Back in 2012, one term Congressman Mark “Hey, I thought I was voting for a jobs bill” Schauer (who was blown out of congress in 2010 after a single term) decided to join in the protests during Michigan’s Right to Work vote in Lansing. You know, to polish up his Democrat bona fides.

Seeking to enhance his Democrat bona fides, Schauer runs to the nearest (friendly) camera after getting his protest on to tell his story about being on the receiving end of “mace or pepper-spray” during the protest.

No, really:

Mark Schauer’s resume is… How do you say this politely… Thin for a Governor

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GOP Party Unity – Fact or Fiction

We ask: "Wouldn't it be better for the party if David Trott were to actually challenge a Democrat?"

Trott_DavidbentivolioFabulously wealthy foreclosure attorney and generous friend of the GOP, David Trott, decides it’s time to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a United States Congressman.

He claims to be conservative, and Lord knows we need all we can get in Congress, so that should be a huge and appealing plus. But, instead of throwing his considerable assets and resources at a vulnerable and flaming liberal Congressman Sander Levin, who is older than dirt and an avowed leftist- Mr. Trott would instead prefer to challenge one our own, GOP freshman Congressman Kerry Bentivolio.

Granted, Trott does live in Bentivolio’s 11th Congressional District- but just barely.

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