♫Oh, happy days are here again…♫

Hey, everyone? Have you heard the great news?

Things are lookin’ up!

♫La da de dah, la da de dah…happy days are here again!♫

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Why just look at what was said by some very important and highly knowledgeable local elected leaders:

And who can forget the man responsible for the outcome here:

The local talking head shows this morning were also reporting the same rousing news.

Why, yes indeedadoodly-doo! Things are great!

Crime has nearly been eliminated in The D.

Detroit is almost at full employment.

Test scores in DPS have increased exponentially.

DPS graduation rates are nearing 100%.

State colleges are being flooded with application from DPS Alumni (I hear that Jennifer Gratz is besides herself on this).

Teen pregnancy rates/abortions have gone down to practically zero.

Single-parents families are practically nonexistent.

An influx of new residents moving back into local neighborhoods is actually causing a spike in property values.

Public safety has been fully restored.


No, wait!

Don’t take away those Rick Snyder-issued rose-colored glasses. I need them to…

{Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch}

What the…

Nothing has changed?

This is still the same burned-out, shell of a city that the locally elected democrats have destroyed through their gross ineptitude and corruption.

And guess who a federal judge just gave the keys back to on Friday?

Anyone want to takes bets on how long THAT will last?

More on that coming up…

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  6 comments for “♫Oh, happy days are here again…♫

  1. Corinthian Scales
    November 9, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    But, but, but... that $195M Nerd/Calley stole from the rest of the state to piss down the drain for RINO Weiser's DIA toy on the Nerd/Baird JonesDay token crony from Ann Arborstan can't be just a Band-Aid....

    I understand why 'Team D' gets pissed off with lying f**kers from 'Team R' when their shit had nothing to do with an alleged '300,000 jobs created' when even U of M says Nerd/Calley had next to nothing to do with the assh*le parading around under the 'Team R' umbrella making such claims.

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  2. Tim Bos
    November 10, 2014 at 12:19 am

    And to think I'm the bad guy in Republican circles for fronting the VoteForGridlock.com website.

    The uber-left wing Detroit Free Press endorsed the Snyder/Calley tag team, because while they weren't nearly progressive enough, they are indeed progressive enough to dangle the Elliott-Larson expansion carrot for all to see- and they have significant progressive street cred in GOP drag from the last couple of years.

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