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Callous Disregard

Pro Life activists face trespass charges while murder mill operator maintains brevity

On September 15, 2017 four pro-lifers conducted a ‘Red Rose Rescue’ at Northland Family Planning abortion center in Sterling Hts, MI.

At that time, Will Goodman, Matthew Connolly (pictured at left), Abby McIntyre and the director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society Monica Migliorino Miller were arrested for trespassing. The rescue was part of a national initiative. On that day 2 other Red Rose Rescues took place in Alexandria, VA and Albuquerque, NM.

At 8:45am the pro-life group entered the waiting room of the abortion center owned and operated by Renee Chelian, and proceeded to talk to the mothers seated there, handing out red roses, and speaking to them with material help and words of encouragement to continue with their pregnancies, as well as on the humanity of the unborn baby. The goals of the Red Rose Rescue were two-fold: 1) to persuade women to leave the abortion center and give life to their children and 2) to provide an act of defense for the unborn scheduled to be imminently put to death–insofar as the pro-lifers expect the abortion procedures to not take place as long as they maintain a presence in the abortion facility.

After 25 minutes Sterling Heights, MI police arrived and placed the pro-lifers under arrest. They were charged with trespassing.  Their attorney Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center intends to ask for a defense of necessity–a common law defense that excuses criminal acts that are committed to prevent a greater evil from occurring–in this case harm to women and the killing of innocent unborn children.

The evil does exist.

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