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Arming Our Defenders

Representative says get involved now to protect our military personnel.

glennGary Glenn posts this:

ACTION ALERT! — Urgently need your immediate help on two fronts:

I learned today that the House Military and Veterans Affairs Commitee will hold a public hearing this Thursday, May 5th, on House Bill 5376, legislation I introduced — in response to the Islamic terrorist attack which killed five unarmed U.S. military personnel at a recruiting office in Chatanooga — to require that at least one soldier on duty be armed at all times at every National Guard facility in Michigan that’s accessible by the public.

HB 5376 is cosponsored by eighteen Republicans and eight Democrats, including every member of the Military and Veterans Affairs Committee of both parties with one exception, a new Democratic state representative who was elected in the March 8th special election and wasn’t in office when I gathered cosponsors.

Read full bill and list of cosponsors: http://legislature.mi.gov/doc.aspx?2016-HB-5376

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