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Finley Suffering Another Bout of Constitution Indigestion

Is there really any doubt as to why the Fakestream News media is going the way of the buggy whip when Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation associated Digital First Media‘s Nolan Finley writes such mindless drool.

But just because you have a right, doesn’t mean you should exercise it in irresponsible ways.

Showing up at a mass protest with a pistol on your hip or a rifle slung across your shoulder is irresponsible.

It could easily be read as an attempt to intimidate. That’s particularly true when the guns are brought into the Capitol building where lawmakers are doing the state’s business.

Police monitoring the gatherings are put in the extremely difficulty position of trying to discern whether those carrying weapons are a threat to commit violence. Officers have to guess which guns are present as a symbol of protest, and which are there for ill intent.

Things can go bad in a hurry if they guess wrong.

Sorry, dummy Nolan, that’s just not how “…shall not be infringed.” works. Furthermore, if/when police are complicit in any politicians’ disregard for Rule of Law, and tyranny reigns, then Rebellion becomes Duty.

More please!

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Dangerous Dana “Nasty” Nessel now Attemps to Wash Away the Blood on Gov. “Half” Whitmer’s Hands

Rather interesting about face by “Nasty” Nessel.

May 1, 2020: Nessel leaves enforcing stay-in-place edict to local cops

The state’s top law enforcement officer says she will allow local police to “exercise their best judgment” about whether to enforce Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-home edict until a lawsuit challenging the governor’s emergency powers is decided in court.

Bottom line, Michigan’s AG knew that the governor’s orders expired on April 30, 2020 at 11:59 pm and, any further actions by Half Whitmer are illegitimate and unlawful.

May 5, 2020?

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Michigan: led by a Sweaty, Narcissistic, Lawless Buffoon

Just another day in Clown World.

There is no way for anyone to take this administration seriously, anymore.

“Big Gretch” must be impeached and/or recalled. There is no other discussion- Period.

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Gov. Gretchen “Half” Whitmer’s Arbitrary Random Stupidity Scorecard

Lives saved: Zero

Lives lost: One

Michigan State Police investigators are looking into reports that a Flint dollar store security guard was fatally shot Friday after an argument with a customer who refused to wear a mask in the store.

Michigan State Police 1st Lt. David Kaiser said Sunday that detectives are investigating a flood of reports on social media from people who say the violence sparked when the guard told a customer he had to wear a mask, a policy set forth by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Yup, there’s the first drop of blood on the Half Whit’s hands.

Hell, even the radical lesbian AG knew the Crisco Kid’s reign of terror ended when the legislature allowed her powers to die on April 30. READ THIS.

Folks, be smart. LEO is placed in a bad position right now. So are the business owners fretting over potential license sanctions by those two lunatics calling the shots in Lansing. Learn how to play Half Whit’s and Nasty Nessel’s game. Just say you have a health issue and if refused service you’ll sue, which covers both parties involved. Thank HIPAA for that loophole. 😉

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Gov. Half Whitmer’s shitshow is failing… plays the Race Card™

A politician should understand that they have hit rock bottom when the local rag has to write about almost zero viewership Clown News Network. Headline: Whitmer says pandemic not negotiable, decries racism at protest, believes Biden

Racism? Hmmm, now what would Gov. Gretchen “Half” Whitmer be referring to?

That must be it, right?

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Lansing has Become Ground Zero for the DNC Criminally Insane

Why are any Michiganians tolerating any of this illegal crap and, not demanding justice?

I have instructed my family that if I should happen to die before November 3, 2020- DO NOT allow me to vote Democrat!

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Did Rashida “Hamas” Tlaib send The Mask?

Now a brief message from, Michigan Gov. Yurass Isfat.

Folks, the material writes itself.

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Mock the Citizens of Michigan and our President?

Okay, Governor Gretchen “Half” Whitmer, let’s play that game.

The Thursday protest drew an estimated 800 to 1,000 people to Lansing. Some of them entered the Capitol building and demanded to be allowed into the House chamber as lawmakers met. The event drew national attention.

In an apparent response to Trump, Whitmer tweeted footage of Michelle Obama, saying, “Our motto is: When they go low we go high.”

RIP Joan Rivers, we miss you.

Democrats always project onto others what they are guilty of themselves.

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