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Michigan Stinkchips

Garlic chips on the cheap. And they taste better than legislative sausage too!

toastedYeah..  I can get domestic once in a while.

And as we all know,  tis the season for Chex mix. And I don’t know about you all out there, but the garlic chips usually used are expensive (usually about $3-4 a bag) and they are too darn thick.  With the upcoming additional taxes on gas, we need to make our economies where we can. (Yeah, I threw politics into a recipe – This ain’t Martha Stewart’s page)

So here is a way to make that particular part of the recipe for your mix, that is tasty, flaky, and costs about a buck to make.  (it makes a great snack too!)  It was surprisingly better tasting for me (seriously, I had my doubts) than the typical chips used for chex mix, and I can see it used as a movie snack, croutons, or whatever.

So lets do this.

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