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“Glaring Example Of The Jim Crow Of The North”

Former Tribal leader appeals for pedophile rights in his last court statements.

Obama’s champion of Northern Michigan describes his conviction on child sexual assault in a way that suggests HE is the victim of racism and bigotry. The former Tribal Chair of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians wasted no opportunity in placing the blame for his predicament.  From UpNorth Live:

Bailey was sentenced to 25 to 50 years after being found guilty in Grand Traverse County of two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct back in April.

….Bailey also went on to reference having two all white juries convict him of his crimes.

“To me it’s the glaring example of the the Jim Crow of the north,” Bailey said.

Quite obviously, the Jury plotted his fall from influence and subsequent persecution.

That or the civilized world isn’t yet ready for the complete normalization of those child-adult complex relationships.  Maybe the next time the DSM is revised, pedophiles can have their day as well?

The world is changing very rapidly indeed.

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