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Who is United Impact Group, LLC?

We are here to help

A group called United Impact Group, LLC is asking clerks across Michigan for copies of voted ballots and other material from the November 2016 election, using the Freedom of Information Act. Michigan’s news media cannot seem to figure out who they are and are posting ominous articles.

We are here to help.

United Impact Group LLC is a Delaware Corporation. Their Delaware Division of Corporations file number is 6981572. It was incorporated on 19 July 2018.

Costs $ 20 to know more.

We’ll let the idiots in the media spend that $ 20. The price of an education.

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Honest Admiration & Final Thoughts

cwssgojxgaat-cx-jpg-largeYeah, it has hurt to see the crappy lying, out-of-context, and completely overplayed Hillary ads in the last couple of days.

There are fairly uninformed people who cannot see the bigger picture, and will allow such messaging to influence their voting sanction. Whether Hillary provides any benefit to the nation on any level is of no concern to them, it just that their feelings are hurt, and we don’t want a ‘misogynist bully’ in the white house.

Our precious cupcakes, frosted at the indoctrination centers we call higher education, cannot handle such unchecked machismo, yet ignore countless real crimes of the one who would also laugh as she gets a rapist off. Even the slightest off-color joke, comment made by a man who has aggregately enjoyed incredible success is a nuclear nightmare, yet the trusted mechanisms of justice are corrupted permanently by a family that would put the mafia to shame.

I have honestly had a revelation during this election cycle.

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Absentee Voter Ballot Applications Available Now

Absent Voter Ballot Application HeaderThe standard form required to request an absentee ballot in the upcoming March 8th Michigan presidential primary is now available online as a .pdf file hereThe large print version of the application for the visually impaired as a .pdf is here.  Completing and filing this application also gets you the ballot(s) for any local candidates and/or issues also voted on in March.  Note that you have to designate your political party preference on this request form to receive the presidential primary ballot you wish to vote.  A neat way to get you into someone’s big data file.

Just download this application form, fill it out, and mail it to your clerk.  Completed applications which request an absentee ballot be mailed to you must be received by your clerk no later than 2:00 PM on Saturday, 05 March.  However, this is cutting things awful close.  You will receive your absentee ballot in the return mail, but bear in mind that U.S. Postal Service First Class mail is running slow in the age of Obama.  Late absentee ballots are not counted and this has become a significant issue as of late.

You will probably have to mail your ballot by Thursday, 03 March to be assured that your clerk receives your ballot by election day.  You can always hand deliver (or have a friend deliver) an absentee ballot to your clerk before the polls close on election day.

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Poor Chad

Yet another detnews.com “journalist” hopelessly lost in the low T orbiting beta manlet SJWosphere.

Uh-huh. ‘splodey heads.

Isn’t it also fun to watch all the shitlibs and cuckservatives go from #JeSuisCharlie to #WeAreAllMuslim in the blink of an eye?

Merry Christmas, folks!

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Ann Corcoran is one Sharp Lady

She gets it. Read: https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/2015/12/09/speaker-ryan-blasts-trump-over-muslim-ban-can-we-hear-grover-in-his-words/

Now, take a peek behind the curtains: http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2015/12/08/common-sense-points-for-pundits/

See that? Now that Dick and Betsy’s Common Core ¡Jeb! has proven to be a resounding dud, the GOPe’s next strategy is pushing the “Gang of 8” amnesty loving, Marxo Boobio. Doubt the billionaires within the MI-GOPe haven’t splintered in attempts to get their puppet the nomination? Well, just take a look at this guy from the Magic Underpants family who now backs Marxo Boobio’s campaign in the state. Matter of fact, five more cuckservatives outed themselves just yesterday.


The GOP can bank on that.

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*sigh* Pat, Pat, Pat…

Read: http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2015/12/07/incredible-amazing-almost-well-unbelievable-ted-cruz-skyrockets-with-massive-surge-in-new-iowa-poll/

Sorry, Cruzers, it only gets better for The Man who speaks RealTalk.

Now, about that $134M you voted to flush down the drain, Sen. Colbeck

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Well Worth Your Time: Rally at Worcester, MA


Due to footage from yesterday’s live broadcast, please forward video to 18:50 for speaking to begin.

The UniParty’s lone anti-establishment juggernaut in this election continues on the path to the White House.

H/t Sundance


Tell me again that Progressivism isn’t a mental disorder…

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