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Emergency – Call NOW


—- UPDATE —-




Woke up 6AM this morning by a call about the Antrim County Forensic Case.

They are in possession of a 22 page report that if squashed, and Michigan electors are selected, “could start a civil war” per Plaintiff.

Kevin Elsenheimer will decide during the 830 hearing whether or not the state can stop the report from being published. Details of the report are not yet available, as the protective order still exists, but clearly it will say what we all have expected it to say.  That the voting switch was purposeful and programmed to happen.

Call you legislator and DEMAND they do not elect only a Democrat slate of Presidential Electors.  The contact information can be found below.  This must be done this morning and SHARE!!

https://www.house.mi.gov/      https://senate.michigan.gov/



——————- UPDATE —————————-


Deperno : “At the minimum we should be able to release this information to Senators, and the state legislature, and law enforcement, based on the information found”

Judge Elsenheimer noting the urgency this information needs to disseminated:   “Given the importance of it in the operation of elections I would like this handled more quickly”

The report is now at the top of this post.





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