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Recall Language Filed Against Meekhof

Recall language against Senate Majority Leader Arlan MEEKHOF (R-West Olive) was filed with the Secretary of State’s office for the leader’s support of the higher gas tax and the vehicle registration fee bills that came with last month’s $1.2 billion road funding package.

Frank BOERSMA of Holland, an alleged political independent, is receiving assistance from the grassroots conservative group, iCaucus, led by Tom NORTON. The same group is advising a recall attempt in Traverse City against Sen. Wayne SCHMIDT (R-Traverse City) over the same votes for the transportation package.

The stated reason in Boersma’s petition reads, “Roll Call Votes Numbers 475 and 476 as recorded in Senate Journal 100 Dated November 3, 2015; Increasing the vehicle registration tax (475) and diesel and gasoline fuel (476).”

The Board of State Canvassers are tentatively scheduled to meet at 1:30 p.m. Nov. 29 to discuss this and re-filed language on the Schmidt recall, which canvassers rejected on Dec. 14 (See “Schmidt Recall Petition Language Batted Away By Canvassers,” 12/14/15). Schmidt’s newly proposed language reads nearly identically.

Norton said he’s working with a couple conservative organizations, a tea party and another individual involved in the liberty movement. The message he’s hearing from all of the groups and individuals is the same:

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Oakland County GOP Leadership Blunders Its Way to Disgrace Yet Again

By The original uploader was Fabiopao at Italian Wikipedia (Transferred from it.wikipedia to Commons.) [CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Last week, the duly elected members of the Oakland County Republican Party (OCRP) executive committee called a special meeting to replace a deceased member of the 8th District Committee, which is clearly permitted under the by-laws.

Following the rules down to the letter, I prepared an email that called for the special meeting. It received the 30+ endorsements from members that were needed to conduct the meeting. The membership agreed upon a date and time, and business was narrowly focused on filling the 8th District vacancy.

This sounds simple enough, right? But in the twilight zone freak show that is the modern-day Republican Party, nothing can ever be easy. It’s always gotta be like pulling teeth. It always has to be a nightmare. And this was no exception.

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Remember the Good ‘ol Days of Weeper Boehner?

Ya, me too. Nevertheless, via Drudge:

Builds Fence Around Mansion — Doesn’t Fund Nation’s Border…
$1.6 billion to resettle illegals INSIDE USA…
300,000 Visas For Muslim Migrants In One Year…
Writes Check To Sanctuary Cities…
Quadruples H-2B Visas…
Speeds to floor…

Happy reading and, I’d like to leave you with a recently obtained photo of Speaker Ryan’s regularly scheduled exercise time with FLOTUS.


Before I go, some Twitter fun? Paul’s muhammadan name is, Demokrati el-Spenditali

Have a great weekend, folks!

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Bakers Green Acres Update

The farm was 'raided' yesterday .. well almost.

The state of Michigan is hypersensitive, particularly to Baker, and his operation.

Though yesterday’s ‘raid’ became less than eventful, it reminds us that the jackboot bureaucracy is always waiting for the slightest screw up by those whom it deems its ‘enemy.’ Mark is appreciative of those who on a moment’s notice showed up to witness.

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Enabling Is Bad M’K?

We reward the spoiled attitudes that have destroyed Detroit.

bailoutsBlame game.

From Capcon:

“The Democratic-controlled State Board of Education recently released a statement that appears to blame Michigan’s state government for the Detroit school district’s crippling debt. “

Full stop.

That’s a little like the stories of parent blaming McDonalds for their fat kids.  Below, are just a few of stories covering the incredible generosity of Michigan’s taxpayers under current GOP control.

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Presstitutes and Cuckservatives Going Nuclear in The Mitten

The latest drivel from The Detroit News Digital First Media A/K/A Alden Global Capital LLC hedge fund’s *pragmatic* shitlib, Nolan Finkley.

I spoke with several of the largest GOP donors in Michigan last week, people who contribute millions of dollars to Republican-supporting Super PACS, and raise millions more. To a person, they said the same thing: “We won’t write checks for Trump.”

As if they’ve been asked for their money? Nope. The movement is bigger than their checks. Here’s another clue… the vapid dunce from the Magic Underpants family likes to bray about how relevant she thinks she is, however, the truth is the front-runner has yet to establish a presence in the state – only once. The 31st cuck suckfest on the island? Nope. A waste of valuable time.

“I will never vote for the guy, and I will certainly never give him a penny,” says a Metro Detroit businessman who was one of George W. Bush’s biggest fundraisers in Michigan. “In fact, as hard as it would be, if the choice is between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, I’ll vote for Clinton.

More ‘splodey head hilarity here

That should tell you everything one needs to know about today’s Republican ‘Big Tent‘.

So, who’s bought your candidate?

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Ann Corcoran is one Sharp Lady

She gets it. Read:

Now, take a peek behind the curtains:

See that? Now that Dick and Betsy’s Common Core ¡Jeb! has proven to be a resounding dud, the GOPe’s next strategy is pushing the “Gang of 8” amnesty loving, Marxo Boobio. Doubt the billionaires within the MI-GOPe haven’t splintered in attempts to get their puppet the nomination? Well, just take a look at this guy from the Magic Underpants family who now backs Marxo Boobio’s campaign in the state. Matter of fact, five more cuckservatives outed themselves just yesterday.


The GOP can bank on that.

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Fast and Loose in the Michigan Senate

Switch Subsidy Bill Passage Was A Senate Rules Violation

David Knezek ImageIn their slobbering rush to deliver tax breaks for one very specific data center last Thursday, the Michigan Senate violated its own rules regarding the consideration of appropriations bills. The Knezek amendment to SB 616, S-1:

Enacting section 1. The legislature shall annually appropriate sufficient funds from the state general fund to the state school aid fund created in section 11 of article IX of the state constitution of 1963 to fully compensate for any loss of revenue to the state school aid fund resulting from the enactment of this amendatory act.

converted SB 616 into an appropriations bill according to the definition in Michigan’s 1963 Constitution, in its Article IV, Section 31.

Michigan Senate Rule 3.602 requires:

“Any bill requiring an appropriation to carry out its intended purpose shall be considered an appropriation bill (See Constitution Article IV, Section 31). Appropriations bills, when reported back to the Senate favorably by a committee other than the Committee on Appropriations, shall, together with amendments proposed by that committee, be referred to the Committee on Appropriations for consideration.

Michael Kowall Image 2Senator Kowall moved a suspension of the Senate Rules after the noon recess on Thursday to bring nine bills on to Third Reading, including SB 616. From Senate Journal 106, page 1910: “be placed on their immediate passage at the head of the Third Reading of the Bills calendar.” was his motion. Senate Journal 106 indicates that his request was passed by a majority. This allowed final action and passage on SB 616 in the Senate that day.

Reading the record, it would appear that Senator Kowall was suspending Rule 3.207 to consider SB 616 and the eight other bills which had been placed on to ‘General Orders’ that morning for final passage under ‘Third Reading’, out of normal order. Senate Rule 3.207 requires a one day delay between the ‘Second Reading’ (‘General Orders’), and the ‘Third Reading’ (‘Final Action’). Suspending this prescribed one day delay is a common practice when time is of the essence.

Senator Kowall had already moved that morning, before recess, to place SB 616 and the same eight other bills then under ‘Committee Reports’ (‘First Reading’) under ‘General Orders’ (‘Second Reading’), so they could be on that day’s calendar. Also out of normal order, but again a common practice when time is of the essence.

But did either of Senator Kowall’s two suspension motions suspend Michigan Senate Rule 3.602?

Is Michigan Senate Rule 3.602 a fundamental rule as defined by Mason’s Manual of Legislative Procedure? Mason’s is the underlying body of rules adopted by the Michigan Senate when their own rules are mute on an issue.  Fundamental rules cannot be suspended according to Mason’s and all the other accepted bodies of parliamentary rules.

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Why Schmidt???…

Why recall Wayne...

12231453_1517169498596422_1600511783_nI posted the MIRS article on our filing of petition language to recall Senator Wayne Schmidt to a certain local talk radio host when it came out to see if he was interested in it…His response…Why???…

After Prop-1, the Senate primary campaign against MacMaster, the red light cameras, and now the gas tax, he asked WHY???!!!…

PastedGraphic-1Granted, I’ve only lived up here for a measly 24 years, but during that time I was unfortunate enough to get to know Schmidt and how he operates from his stint in House District 104…been following the guy ever since…enough to know how arrogant, condescending, and downright hypocritical the man is…  Wayne Schmidt is the establishment GOP poster boy, “groomed for leadership” and a “team player” (ask George McManus)…His campaign ads boast of his “conservative values”…his voting record screams progressive liberal!!!…Wayne Schmidt never met a tax or fee he didn’t like, vote for or actually sponsor…He thinks the State should own far more land than it already does, and that the people in Lansing know far better than the folks in CD1 how to run a railroad (pun intended)…He calls himself a Republican, but votes like a Democrat, perhaps if our effort is successful he can take the opportunity to switch parties…

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