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MITA is Indeed Scraping the Bottom of Its Barrel – Updated Sunday

SafeRoadsYes! Morphing Into A Very Expensive White Elephant - Big New Money Going Down the Drain!

Out of Money ImageAnother day, another $ 105,000 delivered to SafeRoadsYes! Here are the latest contributions made to SafeRoadsYes! on 28 April and posted by the Michigan Secretary of State today:

  • MITA gave another $ 25,000, new total circa $ 5.42 million
  • Michigan Aggregates Association gave $ 20,000, their first act of obeisance
  • PVS-Nolwood gave $ 25,000, new total $ 75,000
  • Operating Engineers Local 324 gave $ 35,000, new total $ 135,000

The motives of three late contributors are pretty obvious. PVS-Nolwood is a chemical company in Detroit specializing in acids and their disposal. As [a very profitable] part of this business, they unload neutralized acid byproducts on wastewater treatment plants as clarifiers. Those wastewater treatment plants just happen to be owned by various units of government which, in turn, use their water billings to rape the public at large. PVS-Nolwood have a long history of sucking up to Michigan’s power elites to further their very lucrative business interests.

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So what exactly is going on here?

This better have something to do with Plan “B”.


‘Nuff said!

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Because Dunderheads Cannot Even Throw a Party Without Government Assistance

You know, if one really needed a better reason for a part time legislature in Michigan, all one would need to do is shine light for the pedestrian observer (that’s you, taxpayer) as to what our elected politicians do once all the campaign talk is over, and they settle into their sworn Oath’s of office.

What are we talking about? Let’s take one particular individual to use as example of what idiocracy occurs, which is innocuous in appearance but, when they all use the same topical claptrap while shirking actual duties such as, oh say, allowing roads to deteriorate and crying poor?

Well, this is the government we get in Lansing.

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