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Milford, we Have a Problem

Decades ago, I grew up not but a stone throw away from Milford, and it’s obvious that citiot mentality has infiltrated rural Oakland County government.

You know what to do, folks.

Email the Council as a group at villagecouncil@villageofmilford.org or, email them individually as follows:

Council President
Jerry Aubry (248-672-8657) jerryaubry@villageofmilford.org

Council President Pro-tem
James Kovach (248-207-8455) jimkovach@villageofmilford.org

Council Members
Elizabeth Heer elizabethheer@villageofmilford.org

Kevin Ziegler kevinziegler@villageofmilford.org

Jennifer Frankford (248-787-6006) jenniferfrankford@villageofmilford.org

David Pehrson dpehrson@villageofmilford.org

Thomas Nader thomasnader@villageofmilford.org

Light ’em up.

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Clash of Titans, Viewed from Below

King Kong 1
Part III – Clash of Titans, Viewed from Below

Fortunately, the greed political acumen of DTE and CMS Energy is coming to your rescue. Both utilities are seeking full reregulation of Michigan’s electricity market. They are issuing thinly veiled threats about brownouts ‘reliability’ of supply unless Michigan forces the fortunate 10% back into our utilities’ waiting arms. And with President Obama’s hobbling of coal-fired power stations ramping up, they actually have a point. So the fortunate 10% will have to seriously reengage in Michigan’s electricity rate debate or their electricity costs will skyrocket.

The environmental wackos haven’t been idle either. The new model, term limited, Governor Snyder has evidently made up with our ur-RINO and is now endorsing a 40% RPS by 2040. To keep Michigan’s serfs in line – and avoid impeachment – he is specifically not calling for this to be a mandate, rather calling it a ‘goal’. Coming from Michigan’s Governor, this is a distinction without a practical difference. Snyder appoints the three MPSC commissioners who oversee electricity policy and MPSC operates under the aegis of LARA. Think Governor Duggan, Snyder’s designated successor, will change this policy? Other Michigan politicians are splitting the difference, proposing RPS mandates intermediate between 10% and 40%.

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