Well Hot Dayum

I suppose I could have predicted this.

And again, perhaps I should have.  While not exactly putting me in the Nostradamus category, it might have been fun to be that guy who says “I told you so.”   Capitol Confidential has (as expected) caught on to the ‘changing of the guard’ in Emmet County:

While primary elections for local offices rarely garner much attention, the results of the August election were dramatic for one county in northern lower Michigan. Of seven members of the current county commission, only one will be on the fall ballot.

Charlie MacInnis.  And good for him.

We mentioned this a year ago.  At that time also speaking of predictability.

I Could have predicted this.

Perhaps I would have; if I lived in Emmet County.  However, there should still be nothing surprising about an apparent divergence of priority between the voters and the elected numbskulls who ‘serve’ them.  The same type of thinking that drives the nonsense in DC can be just as bad locally, and have a more immediate financial effect.

Reading the bills, or allowing a real debate to happen before committing millions of dollars extracted forcefully from taxpayers should be paramount.  The latter option was never allowed to happen however.  A year ago, Emmet County commissioners jacked the electorate without the chance to object, leaving them to foot the bill for a $15 Million boondoggle.

As quick as a shooting star, Emmet County commissioners (pictured above) approved a sale of $15 million in bonds with nearly half of the proceeds being used to build an observatory and a new event building at the Headlands International Dark Sky Park in Mackinaw City.

Without the chance to object.

Taxpayers didn’t even know there would be a vote on such an expensive proposal. One watchdog called it out.

Apparently the voters are wising up?

One could hope.

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  1. JD
    August 31, 2016 at 9:30 am

    Please help me get this straight...

    The hero here (MacInnis) STRONGLY voices his opposition to a 1 pm meeting in the first place (for the record)..
    ...goes on the record at 1 pm due to his NEVER being made aware of anything remotely resembling what the rest of his fellow Commissioners (all heavily involved local Republican Party members?) have brought forward in a bogus meeting..
    ...heads to the meeting that night where a "unanimous" vote is held approving same...
    ...and the local Republican Party (afterwards) 'yet again' guides most all of the replacement candidates while gently explaining to them that the local Party knew absolutely nothing as to what their previous (Republican) Commissioners were up to at any given time.

    Is there more to the story here?... or is this akin to believing that 33 out of 79 Republican Party members in a neighboring county are more than willing to 'come out' as supporting Bill Milliken on any day of any given week?

    You Betcha! (1)Nuh Uh.(1)

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