The democrats are coming! The democrats are coming!!!

Let's see if they can last?

I’ve mentioned previously that get contacted fairly frequently asking for my input on various political things going on around the area.

This one is too good for me not to share with everyone here.

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After getting a mud hole stomped into them back in November, the democrats are a.) scrambling to figure out exactly where they went wrong with voters (apparently giving away others people’s stuff didn’t work as well as they had hoped), and b.) spit-balling ideas in the futile hope that maybe one of them just might work and turn the tide in the next round of elections.

Former California Democratic Party Chairman Phil Angelides threw out a doozy in Politico last Friday that I’d love to see Team “d” implement: Moving the democratic party national HQ from Washington DC to Detroit.

Oh, I’m sure that there is some uneasiness about the logistics of the move.

Not to fear, there are a network of roads that kind of are in good shape, they do have cell phone coverage and there is internet.

And maybe a little uneasiness about moving period.

Guarded, secured parking lot (topped by razor wire), fencing around the roof (also topped by razor wire), some metal bars around the windows and doors (we cannot forget a city-mandated “green light” security camera system), and this can be move-in ready.

After all, we are talking about Detroit here.

50+ years of democratic party “leadership” has transformed a once vibrant and growing city of nearly 2-million productive citizens, into a shadow of its former self of just barely over 500,000 along with having the highest concentrations of citizens on government assistance in the entire state of Michigan.

Municipal bankruptcy.

Failed public education system.

Numerous elected officials either serving or have served time behind bars.

An infrastructure that has been allowed to decay via neglect.

Public safety that is at barely acceptable levels to most of us living in Michigan.

An industrial base that has been allowed to pack up their bags and move to other countries (part of the democratic party philosophy to enrich those other nation’s economies at the expense of our own).

There is absolutely no debating this, the democrats own this.

But call me a closet optimist, I think that just like that movie from the 90’s with Joe Pesci, such a move can be a learning experience for democrats on why their ideas just don’t work (and why they won‘t win elections overwhelmingly).

Let them experience first-hand finding a pile of “Detroit Diamonds” where they parked their car earlier that day.

Let them experience first-hand what happens when their children who may have been functioning at grade level in the schools around DC, spend just three months at DPSCD.

Let them experience first-hand what having numerous water main breaks does to their morning commute.

I can go on and on here, but my point should be patently obvious by now.

Promoting a philosophy of absolving individuals of their own personal responsibility is a disastrous way of addressing problems.

Let’s see if the DNC has the integrity and is willing to experience the effects of their leadership first-hand?

They just might learn why that “leadership” failed America?

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  1. Sue Schwartz
    January 15, 2017 at 8:37 pm

    I'm in awe at the thunking of the Dems. It's even better watching the Hollywooders implode on themselves. They are untrainable, ex-patriot wannabes who are unable to understand how their money (pay) is generated. I take great comfort in knowing they parted with their money by funding loosers and really can't wait until their home state succeeds from the Union. We should then block any immigration from this new foreign nation and require passport/visa and extreme vetting before allowing any of them to enter into the real world.

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