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CAIR Hit List Updated In May

Conservative patriot Dave Agema still on the list.

Dave-bannerMichigan’s Dave Agema referenced the ‘list’ during a recent appearance in Troy, MI.

Rock solid traditionalist, decorated veteran and American conservative Agema, is apparently still living rent free in the penthouse suite of the minds of those who would radically alter this nation.   The ‘list’ originally published in late 2014 is published by CAIR ostensibly to identify “Islamophobic Individuals.” Arguably, the list is a ‘hit’ instruction list, though CAIR denies (lies / taqiyya ) such a connection.  CAIR updated the list a few weeks ago keeping Agema on it in position 17.  (Alphabetical by first name.)

As the ‘religion of peace’ radical islam inserts itself into American culture as accepted and promoted, perhaps it would be good to ask folks if they believe that there is any compatibility of liberty with sharia law?  Perhaps even our liberal friends might consider the personal danger posed to their beloved homosexual activists?  Arguably, as seen in European nations where islamic resettlement has happened, it may only be recognized when it is too late.  Agema and many others who are on the list have been up front in their belief that sharia is not only incompatible, but is dangerous to our way of life.

CAIR’s list is clearly a call to arms for those muslims who are radicalized enough to act according to the dictates of the misrepresented political ideology masquerading as a ‘religion.’  It clarifies and targets those who move opinion effectively, and practice the incompatible-with-islam component of ‘free speech.’

H/T Dave Agema

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Thursday Around Michigan

Plenty to talk about before the weekend.

logo-sphereThere is a lot of chatter still going on regarding the convention results, campaign polling, and Frank Foster peddling destructive behavior as a ‘civil right’ throughout the house to those who will cosponsor it.

Before our convention in Grand Traverse County, some of us were advised to video tape the proceedings to prevent shenanigans.  Fortunately, we nipped the chair election in the bud, and any screw ups were honest and dealt with properly. (I have never seen a convention go perfectly as planned.)  Ottawa County apparently had some issues.

West Michigan Politics – Ottawa County GOP Chaos: Meekhof + Huizenga Involved? What You Need To Know & The Follow up

And while we all are arguing among ourselves, the heir to the heavily taxpayer subsidized fortune is ‘crankin.’

Channel 7 (WXYZ) – Ronald Illitch Arrested, snorts equivalent to Detroit property tax revenues.

Folks have until Oct 30 to file as a write in for the Nov 4 election. Is Greg MacMaster going to play spoiler or could he pull it off? (above my pay grade)

Antrim County Republicans – MacMaster Considering Write-in Campaign for 37th State Senate – Gongwer News Service

Peters is being accused of hypocrisy for paying women less and being a part of the group that has jammed the Lilly Ledbetter nonsense down our throats. Forget about all that (seriously Terri, fergetaboudit) and concentrate on the workable populist nonsense.  Like the “right To Have Drinking Water!”

Washington Free Beacon – Peters Profits from Detroit Water

Rick Snyder .. well hell I am not even sure how to present this one.  Yeah, we get it, reach out to everyone (except the base)!  Good luck with that.

Allen B West – Jimmy Carter to Keynote Detroit Muslim Convention (with Rick and friends)


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Michigan Citizens Targeted By CAIR Lawsuit

Hamas front group CAIR abuses Pittsfield TWP residents with legal thuggery.

Silence!  I Keel you!

Or at least I shut your infidel trap up!

No this isn’t a Jeff Dunham Comedy hour, and its not Achmed the dead terrorist.  Yet for some folks in Pittsfield Township Michigan, it is the silencing terrorism of lawsuits being used to prevent vocal opposition to a new islamic center.  The not-so-funny efforts of [Hamas front group] CAIR, to shush neighbors of a proposed speaker laden madrassa and prayer center comes as no surprise as efforts to use Michigan courts against local residents continue.

The American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) explains:

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