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Pissant’s unhinged rant of the day.

These extremists are what Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson rightly calls the “Taliban wing” of the GOP.

Ah yes, old Babbling Brooksie is a helluva example.

While the extremists attempt to portray themselves as principled conservatives fighting against what they claim to be Republicans-in-name-only (aka RINOs), the truth is they are the pretenders.

That isn’t to say everyone in the tea party is a conservative pretender.

Far from it, actually.

Unfortunately, the mothers, fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers who filled parks and courthouse lawns four years ago were preyed upon by all sorts of hucksters and grifters, who declared themselves to be the tea party leaders.

They then aligned with extremists, themselves the descendants of the John Birch Society who were rightfully expelled from the conservative movement by Ronald Reagan, William F. Buckley Jr. and Michigan’s own Russell Kirk when these three served as the political and intellectual leaders of conservatism.

That’s why political leaders and activists who were the tea party long before the tea party existed — Macomb County’s Leon Drolet comes to mind — [snip]

Bingo! Where it always leads to if one allows a platform to a moronic Millennial.

Ps. Mush-mouth Buckley’s son turned out to be a pile of dung, too.

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When Felchers Belch

braun_kind_of_a_big_dildoSpeaking of those that “shriek,” once again Kenny is right on cue with another hatchet piece directed at those who support Natural marriage.

To hear Michigan’s social authoritarian Republican fringe speak of it, the Great Lakes Education Project is the epitome of “RINO” advocacy – the dreaded “Republican In Name Only” pejorative.

Which, that is precisely what the GLEP is when its ringleaders (Board included) finance Democrats under the guise of “choice”. Care to discuss Common Core, too?

This year, GLEP is involved in many GOP primaries, but those on its bad side are now howling about a supposed anti-conservative agenda.

See what Kenny did there? Natural marriage = bad side. Ghey “marriage” = good side. These folks remind me of listening to the dysfunction that is Barack Obama.

What are the lengths this bitter clique of McNeilly, Braun, Hoekstra, and Drolet (what the Hell? Toss in there the alleged world’s oldest virgin, yannow, Bigot Bullets, too), will go to carry the water for their agenda of normalizing perverts?

The definition of “RINO” sure has changed. More than a dozen years ago, with a school-choice supporting Republican governor (Engler) and [snip]

There is the answer. Engler DID NOT support vouchers and, Barracuda Betsy threw a hissy-fit, grabbed her Alticor purse, and quit as MI-GOP chair. Anything else is just revisionist history and writing bald face lies.

There you go, folks. Progressivism is a mental disorder that Harry Hay and The Left revel in. Dick and Betsy bankrolling it all? Well, their “stealth agenda” is no secret either. As long as the Wooden Shoe Mafia’s globalist Bush clan ties can keep their fingers on the curriculum and testing standards, they will have an abundant supply of useful idiots. Some of which, a fringe 2.3% like to think that it all started with Adam and Steve.

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Denny and Kenny: Blundering into Uncle Tom Territory

Just disgraceful the divide they’re driving.


Flint activist Stacy Swimp has provided the most malicious assist yet.

Really, Mr. Braun? Well, I’d like to provide another assist from New York City’s Harlem…

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