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Coming Out Swinging

Bill Schuette is immediately ready to face down the failed ideas of the left.

The left is bereft of ideas.

Well, maybe not ‘bereft’, but the ideas they have are generally failed attempts at creating equal outcomes instead of promoting equal opportunity.  Socialism, a well documented catastrophe of civilization’s epoch is now the new norm for the Democrat party.  The tragedy of the ‘best intentions’ has no equal in ways of starving and inciting misery in otherwise viable populations.

Venezuela is easily offered up as the latest misadventure of re-distribution.  Million Plus percentage inflation, pets on plates, and political corruption that would make the bolsheviks of old blush with envy.

Yet there are people in Michigan who still idealize such ‘planned society’.  They exist primarily in the Democrat party, and their newest flag bearer is not shy about pandering to the promises-that-can-never-be-kept in order to gain power.

Bill Schuette, having earned the nomination of the Republican party is wasting no time challenging the nominee of the Democrats.  In a press release today he appears confident that a comparison of her record and rhetoric will expose the regressive policies of those who once upon a time preferred to be called ‘progressive.’

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For All The Wrong Reasons

Trump and the 16 dwarfs

Reposted from Redstate.com For permanence. ( I am again deviating from the ‘Michigan’ centric mission of this site for obvious reasons – JG)

The talking heads and putative conservative pundits have it very wrong.

A palpable fear of Donald Trump becoming the Republican nominee consumes the media from left to right. Fox host and debate moderator Megyn Kelly’s first question to Donald Trump “You’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. On your Twitter account, your Twitter account has several disparaging comments about women’s looks,…” might well have been asked by Candy Crowley, or nearly any other left wing operative determined to ruin a GOP debate.

Kelly wasted Trump’s – and our – time by advancing the theme that ‘Trump is too brash, and says things that are hurtful or boorish’. By focusing on his periodic extravagant statements, perhaps she felt the viewers would be persuaded to abandon Trump and his candidacy. ‘The Donald’ can indeed be brash and say things that are both hurtful and boorish, but with 10 candidates to evaluate and a two hour time limit, it just wasn’t a productive line of questioning.

Kelly and many other talking heads who profess conservatism seem to think that ‘brash and boorish’ is a fatal flaw in Trump’s candidacy. Civil discourse, in their opinion, is the only acceptable path to the Presidency of the United States. Trash talk, such as calling people “stupid,” “moron” or even “disgusting animals” does not elevate the campaign discourse to the level they seek.

Perhaps our self appointed media censors should reassess ‘The Donald’ in light of our current predicament.

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Schauer Has It Hands Down

The Democrat candidate for Michigan's governor attempts to use prestidigitation perhaps?

Or not

After watching the gubernatorial townhall (why we cannot simply call these things debates anymore is beyond me) I decided to compress ALL of the Schauer camera speaking moments into a shortened video. It was hard not to notice something that he does in every ad, in every speaking engagement and otherwise.

I have seldom seen anyone use their hands as often when speaking as does Mark Schauer. The Dem candidate for governor is so animated, one might think that his mouth and his hands are connected; That they are linked and one might be controlling the other. Throughout the entire affair, both hands were critical to his presentation.

Interestingly, it is possible according to one writer:

“Professor Bass said, “Coupling of vocal and pectoral-gestural circuitry starts to get at the evolutionary origins of the coupling between vocalization (speech) and gestural signalling (hand movements).”

One might wonder which component is the master or slave in that arrangement?

And don’t think you are missing much with only music and no vocal rendition here. There was nothing compelling by Schauer’s performance verbally. It was a repetitious mention of $1 billion cut from our schools nonsense. Snyder’s performance and pandering was nearly as unbearable. Outside of the obvious (look at the budget folks) increases in spending in the last few years, the governor mentioned his desire for lame ducks to quack to the tune of higher gas taxes after the election.

What a choice, eh?

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