Michigan Election Results

Trump 47.6 Clinton 47.3

Supreme Court:
67-23 for Viviano
59-28 for Larsen

Education Boards:
SBOE:  McMillin and Snyder win, pulling Rs into a 4-4 tie.  Big loss for D bathroom policy.
UofM:  Weiser wins, Illich second.  Now 3R, 5D.
MSU: Kelly and Byrum win. Now 4-4 tie.
WSU: Gaffney and Busito win Now 3R, 5D.

1. 55-40 for Bergman over Johnson. Big win in a race many pundits called a tossup.
2. 63-32 for Huizinga
3. 59-38 for Amash
4. 62-32 for Moolenaar
5. 35-61 Kildee
6. 59-36 Upton over Clements. Wenke got 5%.
7. 55-40 Walberg over Driskell. Big win in a race Ds fought for.
8. 56-39 Bishop. Secure.
9. 37-58 for Sander Levin
10. 63-32 for Paul Mitchell
11. 53-40 for Trott.  Surprisingly, this was the closest congressional race.
12. 29-64 for Debbie Dingell
13. 16-77 for Conyers
14. 19-79 for Lawrence

State House:
17. 52-44 for Bellino over Lavoy. Shocking upset and PICKUP.
20. 56-44 for Noble.  Big conservative win.
23. 49.7-50.3 Camilleri beats Howey.  Tough LOSS in a tough district.
24. 55-45 for Marino. The tapes didn’t matter.
30. 54-46 for Farrington
39. 50-42 for Kesto
40. 53-47 for McCready. Close call in an upscale district.
41. 56-44 for Howrylak
50. 48-52 for Sneller. This wasn’t even on the radar.  Trump did well here.
52. 45-52 Lasinski wins.  Not that close, but this might have been won with a stronger candidate.
57. 56-44 for Kahle
61. 49-45 for Iden. Iden seriously underperformed.
62. 48.0-47.5 Bizon wins a very tough district.
66. 54-46 for Griffin
71. 54-43 for Barrett
85. 56-34 for Frederick. Locked down early.
91. 49-44 for Hughes
99. 55-45 for Hauck
101. 54-46 for VanderWall
104. 51-43 for Inman
106. 61-35 for Allor over sign-stealing Kennedy.
108. 53-47 for LaFave. Dems top recruit loses.

Macomb: Candace Miller wins public works. Rs win Treasurer and Clerk narrowly.
Oakland: Incumbents win, including Patterson and Bouchard.
Kalamazoo:  All incumbents win.
The metro Detroit transit millage failed.

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  15 comments for “Michigan Election Results

  1. Jason
    November 10, 2016 at 10:30 am

    The Board of Education results are EXCELLENT. Getting rid of Austin is a major step in the right direction. Tom can be persuasive, and a 4-4 tie is a good thing. Voting that ends in a tie means defeat. No more batshit crazy policy recommendations?

    Sue Allor will be a good rep for the 106th. I think she would have done nearly this well without the sign stealing controversy, as she is truly representative of that district.

    Democrats shot themselves in both feet this election. Trump carried a lot of downticket weight. The straight ticket helped to ensure the majority this election cycle. By them misreading the election so horribly, they have further damaged their bench. There won't be another credible Democrat candidate for the higher offices for a decade.

    If we want a specific person to represent us in 2018 for Gov or AG, we best get on it. The general election will be easier.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      November 10, 2016 at 12:04 pm

      I can confidently state this, if the MI-GOP believes its two best ponies to put forward for governor are Calley or Schuette - it's a MDP win be it rumored Whitmer, or more likely, Hackel. Even the dumbest of the dumb, which would be Brandon Dillon, has enough time to figure out the "I have a vagina" and you're sexist ploy does not work. Trump changed that. The MDP will have to bring to the table more than the CrotchCard™.

      As far as Allor goes? Didn't vote for her explicitly for the fact she did not press charges against yet another sleazy crooked Democrat when police requested her to do so. That is not a good indication for any person who is going to make Law when they refuse to enforce what is on the books.

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      • KG One
        November 10, 2016 at 2:57 pm

        Don't forget Meekhof.

        I hear that he wants to play the "It's my turn"-card during the next go-round.

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        • Corinthian Scales
          November 10, 2016 at 4:20 pm

          Frankly put, this fat dickwad responsible for lining the Nerd's musloid ayerab buddy's pockets can just forget it: http://rightmi.com/now-its-50000000-to-70000000-for-a-better-view/


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  2. JD
    November 10, 2016 at 10:06 pm

    I am much more concerned with the forever gathering of our children's data than I am with their bathroom environment at this stage of the lame duck (sorry, we are all obviously only 'reactive' to lame duck issues anymore and few if any statewide have even so much as guessed what went on today or if deliberations were cancelled).

    7 years ago we would be discussing who could actually be trusted to carry the water/take advantage of a 4-4 tie on the Education Board in Lansing.


    We have not even a 'basic' list whatsoever (using the OP's even further condensed opinion) of who the top 10 or 20 legislators of EITHER body might be who one could trust with their grandchildren while WE used the unisex bathroom.

    Thanks for the list (it is sincerely much appreciated)...yet nobody is strategizing around it on our side or guessing which Republicans require even more pressure with 'term limits' our absolute favorite disaster next to part-time legislators solving decades of full-time problems.

    The (final) purging of the Michigan Republican Party given even Trump's coattail 'outsider' support for these very much establishment winners is the biggest story here.

    All these guys needed was complete and total grassroots conservative inaction/silence in this election's immediate aftermath and quickly on in to the lame duck.

    They got it (game over).

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  3. JD
    November 11, 2016 at 3:18 am

    Given that the term "Michigan Tea Party" or anybody associated with same is now about as radioactive (nationwide) as the "Contract for Liberty" which was clumsily birthed/penned under its name to kick off the 'last' 'conservative' legislative session...

    ...what flag will grassroots conservatives be flying and what very **SEPARATE** message from the MiGOP establishment will be presented ala "Apprentice" style to Kingmaker Trump?

    Or are Tea Partiers here in Michigan (instead) expecting to receive some kind of 'pass' from President Trump when this same very necessary contest is played against the most successful (best) in business here or those very accustomed to (instead and dare I say it) 'winning' every single day?

    Perhaps if we all simply 'flash mob' enough of us waving Gadsdens in one hand and our pocket constitutions in the other save any concrete competitive presentation to Trump over the next 2-3 months during the lame duck?

    We all won't get "fired" or (as is now) deemed irrelevant by our non-existent seat at his task judgement table.

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  4. JD
    November 11, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    With so many (pro) autonomous vehicle bills being rammed through at the moment...isn't it amazing that not one Michigan resident seems willing to even so much as 'broach' the topic?

    I can understand (not) people keeping silent as their never-before-to-be-earned-again bloated pensions and even more silently added shameful Cadillac health benefits are rehashed as no-vote-of-the-people-required pension obligation bonds...yet every present and future (?) being picked up at our borders and/or ultimately driven to work each day so that (?) can hire them (or hide them) much more inexpensively and easily?

    How easy will it be for a person with no food (provided enrollee and at at their jobsite), vehicle, gas, insurance, maintenance or any other cost not factored in here)...to compete with Joe/Jill six-pack needing to actually get their family out and in to the world for basic societal preservation reasoning... instead of simply in and out of a completely isolated ride-share enabled enclave?

    Do autonomous vehicles exacerbate already frightening problems or fix them?

    with millions of our tax dollars spent on this very issue right here in Michigan (literally ground zero as it was for the original automobile) the blatant apathy concerning this issue during this lame duck is inconceivable not even a hundred years later.

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  5. JD
    November 12, 2016 at 6:53 am


    ...then again, perhaps ignoring or refusing to even so much as 'debate' the unquestioned rise of the autonomous vehicle here in the birthplace of the automobile makes sense.

    When BOTH political parties very easily tame ('puppet') "conservative" grassroots outrage as they have with many years of continually perverted promises of taxpayer funded no-vote-of-the-people-required pension bailouts (both corporate and public) across the board?

    Their 'masters' throwing in the promise of an older generation-robbing class with the looted money to BUY these vehicles (courtesy of their now broke grandchildren with no future) so that they may live their last days fat, happy, mobile AND inebriated with no chance of ever losing their licenses or way of getting around without help? (which their children sure aren't going to provide for obvious reasons).

    Makes perfect sense.

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    • Jason
      November 12, 2016 at 8:39 am

      I think you need a dog.

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      • Corinthian Scales
        November 12, 2016 at 8:47 am


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  6. JD
    November 13, 2016 at 12:54 am

    It is hard to imagine Donald Trump single handedly filling the present 'gaping' leadership/action/debate vacuum created by Michigan grassroots conservatives since at least early Wednesday morning as our lame duck is in full swing.

    Attacking anyone who dares ask what exactly the plan is in terms of professionally approaching President Trump with a unified platform or why anyone would leave that "Apprentice"-type task up to those who are (ironically) indeed attacked every day here seems to be the more prudent grassroots strategy.

    To the casual observer?

    It would seem that the attack dogs have been allowed to run loose while the Michigan Republican Party has gained more 'cover' than they have ever had since the first Gadsden flew in this century.

    When an entire grassroots conservative movement suddenly goes 'dark' as countless generation crippling legislation is crammed down our throats at a record pace? (see 2012 if you need a quick primer)...

    ...you start recording exactly what happened in the immediate aftermath of these historic events to determine sometimes less than obvious motivations and (often skewed) loyalties in terms of our children's legacies.

    The last 3 days or so have been the most telling in terms of the Michigan Republican Party's (renewed) total dominance over conservative grassroots politics.

    It is hard to imagine such a previously (somewhat) threatened Party so vulnerable and literally knocked back on its heels in terms of uncertainty leading up to Tuesday night...proving so *quickly* that THEY would indeed be shaping the President's view of Michigan versus every single Tea Partier in the state under one flag or not.

    THAT is the story of Donald Trump here locally while the (old school) Michigan Republican Party has never looked any better (game, set and match).

    Congratulations to the victors (although it certainly didn't take much of an effort or strategy, simply time).

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  7. JD
    November 13, 2016 at 8:42 am

    ..or perhaps it would be simply easier to name (here0 the top 10 or so individuals from our Michigan conservative grassroots political movement who will be sent (or already should have) to play president's Trump's **REAL LIFE** "Apprentice" challenge in **REAL TIME** against the most powerful individuals in not only the MiGOP but (frankly) big, medium and small business owners/lobbyists and powerful foundation founders who play 'his' game every single day.

    Are Tea Partiers in Michigan somehow hoping (shamelessly) that President Trump will somehow grant them a 'pass' in this regard and instead crown them as the true representatives of the Michigan people similar to a pat-on-the-head 'quota' system in college or anywhere else?

    I don't think that Trump operates that way and if we can't even name 10 off of the top of our head?

    The MiGOP can name literally hundreds who could easily prove to Trump how their fellow 'conservative' contestants had been 'led around' for the last 7 years using promises such as pension obligation bonds and too many other silenced leadership centered issues to relate 'quickly' (as President Trump demands) alone.

    When we (obviously) aren't willing to play Donald's game or on 'the big boy' level of which he (rightfully) demands???

    We're all going home pretty fast with a stern "You're Fired" and no consolation prize in terms of conservative values or issues.

    We can't "wish" our way in to God's kingdom or expect the devil to lead the way for us...we have to earn it.

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  8. JD
    November 13, 2016 at 9:15 am

    It is impossible to convince or shape the opinion of a an 'independent' billionaire president if you don't even have the ear of his fellow billionaire (locally) already arriving early enough to the table and actually sitting there when discussions begin and promises are quickly made.

    If those same individuals already obviously running things and poised to (finally) assemble the final pieces of their puzzle involving the seizure of local control (legislatively) without word one offered in contrast by even ONE gray-haired selfishly motivated (cough) "defender of liberty"???

    'Game over' for our children with nobody but those same 'brave patriots' to blame.

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  9. JD
    November 13, 2016 at 9:57 am

    One historic event worth clarifying as it is continually perverted by Michigan 'conservatives':

    Exactly 4 years ago at this time on our Capital lawn, Right To Work quickly became NOT about Snyder's last-minute shoving of ground-breaking legislation through with Tea Party approval and little debate as is being encouraged (again) today by those same players.

    It was about our Capital being physically under assault (our legislative chamber doors being rushed by angry mobs, conservatives plain-as-day-with-peace keeping-witnesses-at-arms-reach assaulted on our Capital steps, mobs attempting to physically bring down the Rotunda by unison stomping, etc.) as Wisconsin's had been not days earlier.
    Not days later it was about even MORE assaults and other incredible actions (gasoline cans on the Capital steps/spilled with thousands in jeopardy, conservatives pushed in to a single tent while but one man was assaulted 'first' in another, etc.) while 99.999% of 'freedom defenders' stayed home with blinders on over those 3 separate days.

    Every single time that we turn the TV on and witness those protesting in the streets physically tearing our nation down piece by piece?

    It is due to the shameful inaction that this nation exhibited 4 years ago (and again today) when the very loud and clear call came to DEFEND this country/our state capitals/our streets and when (again) no one heeded it.

    Our children witnessing tents tore down on top of kids and those who did it angrily cutting up that same private property (with the occupants still inside/all day long) in full view of helicopters and horses?

    Sent the only message that our children need(ed) both then and now as their parents/grandparents not only run away from history (again) but frame their streets on fire as a 'brand new' threat to their future requiring (again) no immediate action or sense of historic understanding.

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  10. JD
    November 13, 2016 at 5:42 pm

    More than a month before the election, the largest and most powerful Tea Party organization in the world was fawning all over the Republican leadership's main man and yet another meaningless speech

    Yesterday, a lesser organization (Tea Party Patriots) warned that this same man never be allowed any position of power let alone President Trump's chief of staff.

    Inexcusable major fissures in grassroots political parties occur when 'nature' fills the vacuum immediately created by a historic election vs the will of a unified party.

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