Norm Hughes

Energy Policy – Dear Legislator

As you grapple with a perceived need for a new or modified long term energy plan, please allow me some observations.

First, there is no shortage of energy and there will not be.

Energy is plentiful in numerous forms, some you may not have heard of yet. The question is, which technology to use when? That should be decided by a free market – supply and demand. When (if) solar and wind becomes cost effective and solar panels repairs afforded by everyone, it will be used without government force. End monopolies and regulations that protect favored suppliers, and unleash technology, investment and alternatives.

In effect, SB 437 and SB 438 would perpetuate, extend and exacerbate the equivalent of Michigan’s OPEC. Two companies that charge Michigan energy users much more than appropriate, want you to sanction their monopolistic practises and lock in failed energy policies. DTE, e.g., is selling energy in Ohio at about half the amount they charge Michiganders.

The voters spoke on November 8, for a President-elect who promised to deregulate the very scare and radical policies that these bills would lock into place for decades. It is bad policy, and we ask you to reject it. Allow the new Republican Administration to look at and change policies before to close out our options, please!

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TAKE ACTION! SB 306 could raise Federal Taxes 40%!

It sets up an interstate compact to use YOUR taxes to force a Constitutional Convention that will raise Federal taxes 40%!!!

Signing_of_Constitution+ Hi–Blast needed on Michigan’s SB306 (again!)…it’ll be up for a vote this time…This is a bill to bind Michigan to an interstate compact to pay a staff to force other states to option in on a constitution convention supposedly to pass a Federal Balanced Budget Amendment. There are many problems.

FIRST, there is no guarantee a ConCon will be limited to one issue, or that it will be bound by the ratification. More than 600 times it has been tried and each time dropped when folks realized the risk. Sec. of State Thomas Jefferson pursued it in 1796 and when the Jay Supreme refused the opine that such a convention could be limited to one issue. James Madison was alarmed when two states were calling for and Art V ConCon just a year after the Constitution was ratified. It dawned on him that this provision slipped through and was very dangerous. If a ConCon was too dangerous when Washington was President, John Adams VP, Hamilton and Jefferson in the Cabinet, Madison in the Senate and Jay on the Court, how much more dangerous would it be now with an electorate that chose Obama twice, and a political class that puts in congressional leadership people like Pelosi and Reid and Republican capitulators like McConnell and Boehner/Ryan?  It is WAAAY too risky. The Constitution needs to enforced not gutted

SECOND, this compact allows Governors to name the delegates and binds that the delegate from first state to ratify (South Carolina) will chair the ConCon. It seeks to bind states and the Congress in ways contrary to the Constitution and Art. V and sets other criteria that will not stand up to current Constitutional authorities. Under Article V states petition but Congress calls a convention and will set criteria. The same Congress that will not limit spending.

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