SB 207- One Step Closer To Civil War?

The insects infesting Lansing, at the behest of their globalist masters, continue to stoke the flames of civil war. Completely ignoring the recent supreme court ruling that denied police the ability to draw blood during traffic stops, the Michigan legislature and head turd Rick Snyder, passed SB 207, which allows state police to take saliva samples from drivers, in certain counties.

Not to worry, these saliva samples will not be taken without probable cause and they will be taken by “drug recognition experts”, and we can all trust the chain of custody and we can all trust the test labs and the test results will be delivered by unbiased, government paid, police stooges,  and you see, this is all done for our safety.  So nothing to see here, move along.

But suppose we did live in OZ and the U.S. Constitution actually did apply to state governments, how does S.B. 207 get around the 5th Amendment?  Even if I’m caught, on video shooting heroin am I then forced to incriminate myself? This is a rhetorical question.  I know, I’ve already lost the argument several times over.  I’m sure there is some court case somewhere that says if there is probably cause the state is entitled to my blood, my saliva, my breath, my soul, hell we have no rule of law anyway and I’m tired of arguing so I’ll get to my point.  I think S.B. 207 is going to bring more police killings to Michigan.

A state trooper is going to pull a driver over and demand a saliva test.  The driver is going to refuse.  The trooper is will then try to arrest the driver.  The driver will refuse.  The trooper will draw his gun.  The driver will already have his drawn.

God help us!


“Live not by lies” -Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

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