A Bad Week For Never Trumpers?

Been very busy moving the business operations, and actually enjoying some of the finer aspects of our region.

In the meantime, I am still reading, and watching what is going on.  Michiganian Shane Trejo has a fun take on the current administration’s adventures from time to time.   From the Liberty Conservative:

This was a week that reminded Trump voters why they pulled the lever for him last November. While Trump voters were welling with pride over his Presidential achievements, his annoying, desperate detractors from the self-serving obsolete “NeverTrump” conservatives to the vicious radicalized America-hating leftists were left with mud on their faces. The buffoon who was supposed to disgrace the United States is doing the exact opposite. Trump is leading with the pro-Western, pro-nationalist message that is desperately needed in a civilization on the brink of destruction. Trump displayed his expertise again yet again, and the unstumpable nature of this leader is something that future generations will marvel upon.

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  2 comments for “A Bad Week For Never Trumpers?

  1. Shane Trejo
    July 10, 2017 at 4:23 pm

    Thanks for publishing!

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  2. Sue Schwartz
    July 11, 2017 at 8:17 am

    Thanks Shane too. There's something else going on so very subtle--Mrs. Trump, in her grace--refused to follow Muslin traditions for women (like we saw HRC and MO do) and was accepted. Trump got snubbed, while his lovely wife's hand was received first. The President, by tradition is suppose to be the first off of AF-one, but Mr. Trump has broken this tradition reflecting family first but also showing the world that women, especially his wife, are not second class citizens, At least that's how I perceive this simple gesture. And, just because your husband is president, doesn't mean you upset the rest of the family and move into the WH. In fact, this stick-to-your principles as a mom was so refreshing--who cares how much it cost for Secret service--point is, it still isn't nearly the cost of the O treks for 8 years.

    Then there's the obvious' we've all seen--like why do we still have a special prosecutor? Why hasn't Obamacare been repealed? Why do we still have common core? Wait I say--what we've learned from Trump is that he's a patient man--waiting for the underlings to make the right decisions--Trump will only wait so long, as we saw in the Comey firing--before he does what needs to be done. The lessons we should be learning is if you're a swamp rat (Comey et al) and get invited into the Oval Office--and believe you're being received, watch out--Trump is merely bringing you close to place that noose around your neck. That whole episode was brilliant strategy and we can expect more of the same--it's coming.

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