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A Social Stop

Oh, Rebekah, oh my.

I guess she thought he wanted to ‘party?’

Click on Detroit has the video and the full story:

“All of a sudden, you have like one, two, three, four friends,” Warren said. “I’m just saying, you and I just barely met, and all of a sudden you have four friends.”

“They’re just making sure that I’m OK, and we’re on a very busy roadway, so that’s why,” the officer said.

“But who’s taking videos of this?” Warren said. “Because at some point, everyone wants to take videos of this, but, like, one, two, three, four. You have four friends. I’m all alone.”

The officer explained to her that more officers were needed to block off the freeway to make the shoulder safe.

“All of a sudden, you have five friends and I’m all alone,” Warren said. “I kind of want to call some of my friends.”

Have them bring chips, OK?

You Betcha! (10)Nuh Uh.(1)