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1st District Democrat candidate disqualifies self from race.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

If anyone thinks the blue wave is going to happen in 2018, lets look at one of the more competitive races that the Democrats thought they could win.  Democrats were hoping that Matt Morgan, a veteran, young, and apparently articulate, could unseat the Bergman from the first congressional district this time around.  However he apparently used his post office box address on the some or all of the 1543 gathered petitions he had gathered for his candidacy.

I guess this is a no-no, and the according to a Gongwer email alert, the board of canvassers are saying “sorry fella, you aren’t on the ballot.”  It is reported he will be filing as an independent.

This is a different shade of blue for Michigan Democrats, who for the top race in the state, have a bankrupt animal abuser, a (probable) Muslim Brotherhood agent, and a child sex abuse enabler to choose from.

It is NOT a good year to be a Democrat.

Stay tuned.

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Lansing Should Reject Lobbyist’s Crony Power Play

For nearly a decade, the Department of Justice (DOJ) ignored a Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling declaring that the (Federal) Wire Act covers only sporting events, not games of chance. The DOJ reversed itself in 2011, returning to states the right to regulate online gambling.

This was an excellent move for states’ rights. Legal gambling sites use technological methods to restrict their business to the states where online gaming is allowed, so states that don’t permit such gaming are not affected. And the DOJ’s previous interpretation of the Wire Act was incredibly broad – it effectively banned all Internet gambling, even within a single state.

Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey have legalized online gaming and nearly a dozen more states – including Michigan – are considering following suit. Seeing this trend, Sheldon Adelson tried – unsuccessfully – to build an online gaming business. Since failing to capitalize on the market, his company, Las Vegas Sands, has been terrified that online gaming represents a competitive threat to the profitability of brick-and-mortar casinos. With more states looking to legalizing online gaming, the threat appears to be growing.

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