Daily Archives: May 13, 2014

MIGOP Subverts Michigan Constitution to Silence Voice of the Voters

Richardville MackinacNo matter how you feel about raising the minimum wage for or against this is just plain wrong! When the will of the citizens are subverted along with their constitutional rights by any political party its tyranny.

Never mind that giving voters the final word is precisely what the framers of Michigan’s constitution had in mind when they established the ballot initiative process in the first place.

So Michigan Republicans have decided to short-circuit that process you know, the untidy one ordained in Michigan’s constitution in favor of closed caucus meetings where Republicans who control the Legislature can wire an outcome more palatable to their business buddies who contribute to their campaign coffers.

The arrogant disregard of Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville for the democratic process that the ballot initiative was designed to keep in check is evident in his statement.

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