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Thank You.

For God, Family, & Country .. Thank You

Frequently, the wife and I find ourselves at an event which is dedicated to, or populated by our local veterans.

Neither of us served, however we each have family members who have, and can only respect the sacrifice one makes to be a part of the bigger picture. We understand that it is through the strength and love of God, Family, and Country that those who take up arms are able to do so.

The first district of Michigan is well populated by those who have served at different times. There is no shortage of opportunities to associate with those who risk it all in defense of a nation that still holds the promise for the greatest liberties attainable by man.

But the veteran population is roughly 60,000 out of about 570,000 and it is aging fast. The great number of those who served in wartime are already reaching retirement, and moving on to a ‘better place.’  Michigan’s average age for veterans is in the low to mid 50’s, and with few WWII vets remaining, it remains one of the states with the higher aged veteran population.

They won’t be with us forever.

Take each opportunity today, as well as all others to show your appreciation to those who serve.  A simple “thank you,” volunteering to assist in veteran events, showing up at the airports when a currently serving serviceman returns home from a long tour can remind those who have put the uniform on that they are appreciated, and valued.

We applaud those of you who have served, are serving, or have suffered for your commitment.  We honor you for the sacrifices you have made, and appreciate your investment in our nation’s future.

Thank you.

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Thank You.

Unlock your hand from your side.

honor-guard-3A friend who had served in the Korean war passed away last year.

He didn’t spend a great part of his life in the military but he and his brother (still with us) put on the uniform and served as so many do.  He was rightfully proud of his service, and kept his duffel full of those memories for over half a century.  Some vets continue their tradition and serve their brothers in arms, and the families of those who fell before them (see image) without hesitation.

There is much worth remembering, and likewise probably much that is worth forgetting during in the service of our nation.  Sometimes our veterans may not be able to choose which parts they carry the most. And for all of the challenges they faced there are rewards, but the costs can be greater yet.

Each day we have opportunities to interact with those who have fought for us in foreign and strange places. And for the risks they have taken, we sometimes drop the ball on letting them know how much they are appreciated.

On this Veterans Day, take 5 seconds to extend a heartfelt Thank You to those who protect our way of life in ways many of us might not be able to fathom. Let them know why they fight for us.

We offer our most sincere gratitude to those who put on a uniform and fight for the prospects of liberty in our stead.

Thank you.

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