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The Veto Does It

car-repairHB4344 is dead.

We scoffed at the consumer protections aspect of this ‘aftermarket’ legislation.  How is raising the cost of repairs and limiting choices in a market environment seen as ‘protection?’

Rick Snyder, often criticized on these pages did one right.  The veto of HB4344 assures that a strong aftermarket industry remains in Michigan. He opines:

I support much of the modernization of the Act that HB 4344 includes, as well as limiting structural parts that are proven to impact safety. However, I am unable to sign this bill because it overreaches in the limitation of aftermarket parts negatively impacting consumers and creating the potential for negative consequences for Michigan’s automotive industry. Accordingly, I am returning HB 4344 to you without signature.

Well done.

Now perhaps we start looking at other protectionist legislation?

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Baker Farm Still Standing

Michigan farm family has had to endure an out of control bureaucratic nightmare

pighuntMark Baker being interviewed a couple of days ago by the Alex Jones folks.

There is a great point made towards the end of the Mark Baker interview here. The Baker family has had to endure an incredible pressure brought on by an out of control Lansing bureaucracy. While other farmers have folded, allowing the state to destroy their property, the Bakers have remained firmly resolved that they are protected by the US Constitution.

They are correct. (Interview/segment starts at about 14:40)

We applaud and pray for the Bakers as they courageously face an ever increasing Statist government.

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