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MDOT Station Hosts Wild Party

Perhaps we ask the MDOT why the May 5th question failed so badly.

MDOT-BloodThe Michigan Department Of Transportation continues to ‘effectively’ use transportation monies provided by the richest state citizenry in the nation.

But a “wild party?”  OK, maybe just because its usually accompanied by cookies and orange juice.  And yes, as some readers might suspect, I have the sarc switch on.  ‘Effective’ use of our taxpayer dollars might actually mean that we don’t have to face the crony machine kicking into full gear tomorrow. The Steudle led MDOT does indeed continue to spin its wheels and waste our resources in areas not reflected in their mission.

There is no question the good works provided by our blood letting missions will save lives, and continue to provide our hospitals with the perishable commodity that we all share.  Indeed we have need for those organizations who will accommodate blood drive efforts, and we hope those needs will be met.

However, it is neither the mission or responsibility of the Michigan Department of Transportation to manage,, aid, provide assistance, or promote such efforts.  Yet they think it is:

August 17, 2015 — The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) encourages state employees and the general public to give the gift of life by donating blood at the Ishpeming Transportation Service Center (TSC) Aug. 26.

The Upper Peninsula Regional Blood Center will have its mobile collection vehicle at the facility from noon to 2 p.m. The TSC is located at 100 S. Westwood Drive in Ishpeming.

“Making the decision to donate blood can save lives, it’s really just that simple,” said Harmony Michaud, the MDOT employee coordinating the event. “We sometimes take for granted that there will always be blood readily available in an emergency, but what if no one donated? It only takes 10 minutes to donate and it could help save a family member or friend – or someone else’s family member or friend. There are a lot of people who need long-term treatments and donated blood is their lifeline.”

Harmony’s paycheck is from the state (taxpayers),  not the UP Regional Blood Center.

Perhaps her time might be best spent filling out the warranty orders?

Policy Changes:

Making MDOT accountable.

What good are road warranties, if you won’t enforce the ones you have already?

Given that literally MILLIONS were wasted when it was recently reported that MDOT let road warranties expire without any action being taken, legislation should be implemented to hold those accountable. No one would tolerate an employee who simply walked off in million in Michigan Taxpayers money, so why should hiding under the guise of being an appointed official and not doing the job you were hired to do, be any different?


Some things are hard to change, yes?

Some folks expect action to fund more of the same to happen this week.


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Michigan Budget At A Glance

As we go forward, these tools will be made available for a spot check on the Governor’s priorities.

This chart represents most of the Michigan spending based on Rick Snyder’s 2015 budget. The only section missing is the $5 million spent on the executive office.  The amounts shown here represent the TOTAL spending in any one area.  Additional charts showing more complete breakdowns of moneys spent and the sources will be made available as there is time.  The chart will also be modified to note the changes from the time Snyder took office in 2011 all the way through the 2016 desired numbers. (click on the image to enlargen)


Note the significant increases in the community health (medicaid expansion), Treasury (MEDC, revenue sharing)  and school aid areas.

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