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When all else Fails…

The Democrat Party and their propaganda arm MSDNC media trots out their Sleepy Joe’s stereotype of “black enough.”

“The truth is more people are killed by deer in a year than have ever been proven to commit voter fraud at a given time,” he told Hunt.

More lies and deception here if you can stomach it

Lt. Gov. 6′ 8″ is a waste of time, a waste of $111,510 + $18,000 in expense allowance a year, is universally despised in Detroit and, most importantly, reveals himself as being a full of crap stooge. #FeelTheBern




It must be a miserable existence for Garlin to live the sole sworn duty of kissing “that woman from Michigan“s ass.

And, the best endorsement of all?

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Big Gretch: it Served as a Warning, NOT an Instruction Manual

Art always imitates life and, in Whitmer administration’s Michigan, you know, THIS ONE: science fiction now becomes reality.

One of the things I have truly enjoyed is new White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany. Blonde, beautiful and, incredibly smart. God created for the job in dealing with today’s Fake News propaganda arm of the Democrat Party and a public school system indoctrinated dumbed-down society.

Ps. this was just a li’l sumpin’-sumpin’ humorous to lighten things up around here as we Michiganians don’t have to be serious all the time.

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